10 Easy Trending Doodle Ideas: Drawing, Doodling, and Zen Doodling

Not sure where to start with easy trending doodle ideas? No problem! Our collection includes a variety of simple patterns and designs perfect for beginners. Explore these trending doodling ideas to build confidence and learn new techniques. Get started on your creative journey with easy trending doodle ideas today!

For those with an adventurous spirit, we’ve encompassed a variety of complex doodle designs sure to test your skills and spark your creativity. Ranging from intricate geometric patterns to charming and imaginative drawings, these suggestions will provide you with the means to elevate your doodling prowess to new heights.

And don’t forget about our zen-doodling ideas! These designs are perfect for finding a sense of relaxation and mindfulness as you create. Plus, they’re a great way to tap into your creative side and explore your artistic potential.

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N1. Cool Beauty. Minimal Art

Cool Beauty stands out with its minimalistic approach and elegant designs. With a focus on simplicity and uplifting colors, this trend brings a sense of calm and sophistication to your doodling journey. Explore the world of minimal art and discover how it can inspire and uplift your mood.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of Cool Beauty.


Minimal Art With Easy and Elegant Designs:

  • Embraces simplicity and sophistication
  • Focuses on clean lines, geometric shapes, and subtle color combinations
  • Provides a boost of color and uplifts the mood
  • Evokes a sense of calm and tranquility

Benefits of Exploring Cool Beauty:

  • Offers a refreshing break from the complexities of daily life
  • Allows for self-expression in a subtle yet impactful way
  • Creates a serene atmosphere
  • Brings joy and visual appeal to your artwork

Ways to Incorporate Cool Beauty Into Your Doodling Practice:

  • Experiment with monochromatic tones for a sleek and minimalist look
  • Explore vibrant hues to add energy and vibrancy
  • Use simple shapes and patterns to create elegant compositions
  • Enjoy the process of creating art that is both visually pleasing and emotionally satisfying
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Incorporating Cool Beauty into your doodling practice allows you to embrace simplicity, elegance, and uplifting colors. Experience the joy of creating minimal art that brings a sense of calm and sophistication to your artistic journey.

Perfect for those days when you need a little bit of color to uplift your mood and get the groove back on! Easy, elegant, and energizing!

N2. Satisfying Doodle Leaves

This doodling technique is designed to create relaxing and satisfying doodles that bring a sense of calm and tranquility. Explore the beauty of nature-inspired patterns and designs, specifically focusing on leaves.


Key features of the Satisfying Doodle Leaves technique:

  1. Relaxing and Satisfying: Experience a soothing and satisfying creative process while drawing these doodles.
  2. Psychology Behind It: Gain insight into the psychology behind the satisfying nature of these doodles through an accompanying video. Understand what makes them enjoyable to create and observe.
  3. Nature-Inspired Designs: Discover a variety of leaf patterns and designs, ranging from intricate and detailed to minimalistic and simple.
  4. Therapeutic and Meditative: Engage in the process of drawing and filling in the leaf-inspired doodles for a therapeutic and meditative experience.
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To get started with Satisfying Doodle Leaves, grab your pen and let your imagination flow. Watch the accompanying video to delve into the psychology behind the technique. Create your own beautiful doodles and enjoy the soothing effects of art and creativity.

This technique offers a perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, and explore the calming world of doodling.

Just perfect for relaxation!
In this video, I actually talk you through what is the secret behind the psychology of it so watch to find out!

N3: 16 Unusual Doodle Patterns

Looking to enhance your doodling skills and explore new patterns? Check out these 16 unusual doodle patterns that offer great practice and boost your creativity. Get ready to fill grids with mesmerizing designs and take your artwork to the next level!

easy doodle ideas

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Here’s what makes these patterns special:

  1. Variety: This collection offers a range of distinctive styles, from geometric shapes to organic forms and abstract designs.
  2. Grid Transformation: Transform a simple grid into a work of art by filling it with intricate lines, shapes, and patterns.
  3. Creative Challenge: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced doodler, these patterns provide an opportunity to challenge yourself and expand your artistic horizons.
  4. Technique Exploration: Experiment with different techniques like hatching, stippling, or shading to bring these patterns to life.
  5. Inspiration Source: These patterns serve as a source of inspiration for future projects, allowing you to adapt and modify them to suit your personal style.
  6. Endless Possibilities: The versatility of these doodle patterns enables endless variations and combinations, ensuring your creations are uniquely yours.

Get ready to dive into the world of these unusual doodle patterns. With each stroke of your pen, you’ll be captivated by the process and discover new possibilities. Let these patterns ignite your passion for doodling and inspire you to create extraordinary works of art. Unleash your creativity and unlock your full artistic potential with these mesmerizing doodle patterns.

Great practice! I’ve found that exploring new patterns while filling the grid not only boosts my creativity but also gives my mind a much-needed boost. Initially, it may seem slow, but as I get into the groove, I start picking up speed! Here’s a pro tip for you: Begin by selecting 2-3 easy trending doodle ideas and then experiment with merging their components to create exciting new designs.

If you are interested in getting over 195+ resources on how to Zen Doodle like a PRO check out our bestselling toolkit HERE.

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N4. Relaxing Coloring Technique

Discover the soothing and mesmerizing world of the relaxing coloring technique. Engage your creativity and find tranquility as you fill intriguing shapes with vibrant colors. Here’s what makes this technique so enjoyable:

easy doodle ideas


  1. Hypnotic Experience: Immerse yourself in a meditative state as you carefully select colors and apply them within the shapes. The process of coloring becomes a calming and hypnotic experience that soothes the mind and promotes relaxation.
  2. Gradual Layering: Watch your artwork come to life as you gradually layer colors within the shapes. Each stroke adds depth and dimension, creating a visually appealing composition. Whether you prefer subtle pastels or bold and vibrant hues, the gradual buildup of color is both satisfying and rewarding.
  3. Timelessness: Engaging in the relaxing coloring technique allows you to momentarily escape the pressures of everyday life. As you focus on coloring within the lines, time seems to fade away, providing a sense of tranquility and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment.
  4. Therapeutic Benefits: Coloring has therapeutic effects, offering a range of benefits for your well-being. It can reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance mindfulness. The act of coloring allows you to express yourself creatively while experiencing a sense of calm and inner peace.

So, grab your favorite coloring tools, choose an intriguing design, and let your imagination guide your color choices. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic motion of filling in each shape, and embrace the soothing and satisfying experience that the relaxing coloring technique offers. It’s not just about the final colored creation; it’s the peaceful journey that unfolds as you explore the world of colors and shapes.

I found that the process of filling up these intriguing shapes that challenge our minds (i.e. impossible shapes) to be completely and entirely hypnotic. For some reason, it is very satisfying to apply incrementally layers of color and see how this impossible geometry reveals itself in reality. I recommend using pastel or colorful pencils to try that out and “taste” how satisfying it actually is!

These frameworks are a part of our Impossible Shapes Collection, find out more details HERE.

N5: 5 Cute & Easy Love Gnomes

Bring a touch of cuteness and charm to your doodles with the 5 Cute & Easy Love Gnomes idea. These adorable doodles feature whimsical gnomes sitting on top of cupcakes, creating a delightful scene that will fill your art with sweetness and joy. Here’s how you can create these lovable characters:

easy doodle ideas


  1. Sketch the Basic Shapes:
    • Start by sketching the round bodies of the gnomes and their pointy hats.
    • Use simple shapes to outline their features, like eyes, noses, and rosy cheeks.
  2. Customize the Gnomes:
    • Add personality to each gnome by giving them unique outfits and accessories.
    • Experiment with different colors and patterns to make them stand out.
  3. Depict Delicious Cupcakes:
    • Draw the cupcakes that the gnomes are sitting on.
    • Have fun with the cupcake designs, such as frosting, sprinkles, or little hearts.

These love gnomes are incredibly endearing and will instantly bring a smile to your face. Incorporate them into your sketchbook, greeting cards, or any creative project to spread warmth and happiness. Let your imagination run wild as you bring these lovable characters to life.

These are simply SO adorable! I think that the process of drawing a cute gnome sitting on a cupcake alone can fill you up with so much sweetness that you will opt for tea without sugar.

We have a whole collection dedicated to these cuties – learn more about it here.

Download Cute Gnomes Step by Step Worksheets

N6: Mystical Moon in Its Glory

Experience the enchantment as you combine the celestial shine of the moon and the ethereal beauty of butterflies in the Mystical Moon in Its Glory doodle. This captivating creation transports you to a magical and vibrant atmosphere where dreams come to life.

easy doodle ideas


Here’s how you can bring this mystical scene to paper:

  1. Start with the Moon:
    • Draw a serene moon as the central focus.
    • Capture its soft glow and delicate details.
    • Imagine its luminous light illuminating the surroundings.
  2. Fluttering Butterflies:
    • Intricately incorporate butterflies into the composition.
    • Create their wings with vibrant colors and patterns.
    • Reflect the moon’s radiance on their seemingly transparent wings.
  3. Balance of Celestial and Earthly Elements:
    • Achieve harmony between the celestial moon and earthly butterflies.
    • Let the composition evoke a sense of tranquility and grace.
    • Blend the dreamlike beauty of nature with the magic of the moon.
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Immerse yourself in the whimsical realm where the Mystical Moon in Its Glory exists. As you bring this doodle to life, allow your imagination to soar and embrace the magic that unfolds on the paper. Let the lines and shapes flow effortlessly, capturing the essence of this enchanting scene.

There is something absolutely magical about the combination of the shine of the Moon and the beauty of butterflies, don’t you think? I am going to reveal one secret… The butterflies wings are, in fact, transparent, and only the shine of the Moon and the Sun reflects the light and makes us perceive the wings as truly vibrant.

Our Butterfly Collection was inspired by that and many more incredible facts about butterflies – learn more about it here.

N7: Easy Zen Doodle Butterfly Pattern

The Easy Zen Doodle Butterfly Pattern offers a delightful and straightforward doodling idea. Here’s how you can create this simplistic and beautiful pattern:

  1. Draw Butterflies:
    • Start by drawing butterflies of various sizes and orientations.
    • Experiment with different wing shapes and positions to add uniqueness.
  2. Connect with Lines:
    • Use delicate lines to connect the butterflies.
    • Form an intricate web of fluttering creatures.

The key features of this pattern are:

  • Simplicity: The minimalistic strokes and imaginative connections result in an elegant design.
  • Beauty: The graceful lines and charming butterflies create a visually appealing pattern.

Tips for creating your Easy Zen Doodle Butterfly Pattern:

  • Relax and enjoy the process of connecting the butterflies with flowing lines.
  • Feel free to add your personal touches and variations to make it unique.

easy doodle ideas

Whether you choose to incorporate this pattern into a larger composition or use it as a standalone artwork, it will bring a sense of tranquility and charm to your creations. So grab your pen, let your imagination take flight, and enjoy the calming and meditative experience of doodling this beautiful butterfly pattern.

Continuing the butterfly theme this pattern turned out to be quite awesome and was created by simply connecting the butterflies with lines! Some things in life are truly simple 🙂

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N8: Minimal Floral Modern Art

Minimal Floral Modern Art is a captivating style that combines Zen Doodle, color, and line art in abstract form. It offers a unique opportunity for experimentation and allows your creativity to flourish. Here’s how you can dive into this artistic journey:

easy doodle ideas


  1. Outline: Start by outlining the object or flower of your choice using minimal lines. Focus on capturing its basic form and structure.
  2. Block Colors: Separate the outlined object into distinct blocks of colors. Choose harmonious hues that enhance the overall composition. This step adds visual interest and depth to your artwork.
  3. Zen Doodles: Fill the remaining spaces with intricate Zen Doodles. These delicate patterns and designs will create a beautiful contrast with the defined shapes, making your artwork truly captivating.
  4. Intuitive Expression: Let your pen guide you intuitively as you create. Embrace the freedom to explore and allow your imagination to take flight. Watch as your creation evolves, revealing unexpected patterns and details.
  5. Mindful Creation: Engaging in the process of Minimal Floral Modern Art can be a form of meditation. Lose yourself in the rhythmic motions of your pen, finding a sense of calm and mindfulness.

Explore endless possibilities in Minimal Floral Modern Art. Whether using black and white or vibrant colors, let your artistic vision shine and express your unique creative voice. Unleash the joy of creativity!

This was experimentation in an abstract form that combines Zen Doodle, color, and line art. Turned out pretty extraordinary, I believe! The method is to create a minimal outline for an object or a flower, then separate it into block colors and then fill the remaining spaces with Zen Doodles. The process will lead you so just start and see where the pen takes you!

The frameworks are a part of our Flower Collection – learn more about it here.

N9: Floral Doodle Art

Floral Doodle Art is a captivating technique that combines motivational statements, wreaths, and vibrant greens. Whether you prefer black and white or colorful designs, this art form offers endless creative possibilities. Here’s how you can get started:


  1. Choose your canvas: Begin by selecting a canvas or paper to work on, providing a space for your Floral Doodle Art to come to life.
  2. Sketch the wreath: Start by sketching a wreath shape on your canvas. This will serve as the foundation for your design.
  3. Inspiring affirmations: Write or inscribe motivational statements within the wreath. Let the words blend harmoniously with the floral elements.
  4. Flourish with flora: Fill the area around the wreath with botanical elements like leaves, flowers, and vines. Experiment with different doodling techniques to add depth and texture.
  5. Play with colors: Decide whether you want to work with a monochromatic palette or add vibrant colors. Allow your imagination to guide your choices and create visually appealing compositions.
  6. Share the joy: Display your Floral Doodle Art as a gentle reminder of the power of positive thinking and the beauty of nature. Consider sharing your creations with others to inspire and uplift them.

Floral Doodle Art is not only visually appealing but also serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. It’s a delightful way to infuse your creative journey with optimism and the wonders of nature. Explore the world of Floral Doodle Art and let the synergy between motivational statements and floral elements ignite your artistic expression.

When I read this statement I instantly knew it deserves to be placed in a wreath and surrounded by the greens! Didn’t manage yet to produce a colorful version yet, however, the black and white also looks very nice & motivational!

Discover more floral ideas in our Flower Collection – learn more about it here.

Get ready to infuse your daily life with happiness and laughter through these delightful and fun doodle ideas. These easy trending doodles are designed to put a smile on your face and bring a sense of lightheartedness to your artistic endeavors. Here’s why you’ll love them:

easy doodle ideas


  1. Joyful Creations: These doodles are specifically crafted to add an instant boost of happiness to your day. They embody the essence of fun and playfulness, reminding you to embrace the lighter side of life.
  2. Affirmation Integration: Take your doodles to the next level by combining them with affirmations and positive messages. Pairing these cute and playful drawings with uplifting quotes will amplify their impact and foster a positive mindset.
  3. Smile-Inducing Decor: Scatter your doodles and affirmations around your living space to create a joyful ambiance. Stick them on your fridge, mirror, or workspace to experience an immediate uplift in mood whenever you catch a glimpse of them.
  4. Everyday Delight: Incorporate these doodles into your daily routine to make even the simplest moments extraordinary. Whether you’re doodling in a journal, on sticky notes, or digitally, let these creations serve as constant reminders to find joy in the present.
  5. Inspiration for All: Share the joy by showcasing your doodles to others. Let your art spread happiness and inspire those around you to tap into their creative side and embrace the fun-filled journey of doodling.
  6. Happy & Fun Doodle Collection: Explore a wide range of cheerful and captivating doodles that are guaranteed to brighten your day. This collection offers a treasure trove of ideas, ensuring there’s always something to spark your imagination.

With these easy trending doodle ideas, you can infuse your life with laughter, positivity, and artistic expression. Get ready to embark on a joyful adventure filled with colorful markers, playful lines, and endless smiles!

Happy & Fun Doodles, your source for easy trending doodle ideas, was created with one simple aim – to add MORE SMILES TO EVERYDAY. As per our customers’ feedback, these doodles are highly effective! Here’s a pro tip: stick these little cuties, along with affirmations, all around your house and experience how catching a glimpse of them can cause unsolicited giggles. Get ready to brighten your day with our easy trending doodle ideas and spread joy everywhere you go!

Download Cute Step by Step Worksheets

Explore the Happy & Fun Doodle Collection – learn more about it here.

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