Can You Draw the Perfect Easter Bunny? Try These 12 Unbelievable Techniques That Anyone Can Master!

Ah, the Easter Bunny! A beloved symbol of spring, renewal, and chocolate eggs. Hop right in, dear reader! Drawing the perfect Easter Bunny is like trying to catch a leprechaun while riding a unicycle, but fear not! With these five absolutely hilarious, yet effective techniques, you’ll be drawing bunnies faster than a jackrabbit on a date.

These fluffy, cute, and oh-so-adorable creatures are the perfect addition to any Easter celebration!

We have prepared 3 how to videos & 12 unbelievable techniques how to draw and decorate an Easter Bunny, here is a sneak peek:

1. Channel Your Inner Bunny

When it comes to drawing the Easter Bunny, you have to think like a bunny. Imagine yourself as a furry little creature, hopping around your backyard, looking for the perfect hiding spot for your eggs. Once you’ve embraced your inner bunny, your hands will become like furry little paws, and the perfect Easter Bunny will flow from your fingertips like carrot juice.

How To Draw Easter Bunny Video N1

2. Draw the Bunny, Not the Eggs

Now, drawing the Easter Bunny is all about capturing that hare-raising charm, not getting egg-static over the eggs. Put your focus on sketching that oh-so-fluffy cotton tail, those squirmy whiskers, and those ears that look like they just got caught in a wind tunnel.

3. Use the “Carrot Technique”

Drawing the perfect Easter Bunny is no small feat, but with the Carrot Technique, you’ll be drawing bunnies so good, they’ll make Bugs Bunny green with envy. Start by drawing a carrot as the bunny’s body – this will give you the perfect shape and size for your Easter Bunny. Next, add some leaves to represent the bunny’s arms and legs, and you’re well on your way to creating a bunny masterpiece.

4. Bunny Boogie

When it comes to drawing, rhythm is everything. So, put on your favorite bunny-themed tunes, and let your pen dance across the paper like a bunny at a disco. Whether you’re listening to “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” or “Bunny Hop,” dancing while drawing will give your Easter Bunny a life of its own.

How To Video N2

5. Take Inspiration from Famous Bunnies

There’s no shortage of famous bunnies out there to inspire your Easter Bunny drawing. From the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland to the Energizer Bunny, who just keeps going and going, there’s a bunny for everyone. Channel your favorite famous bunny, and let their charisma hop right onto your paper.

6. Those All-Seeing Bunny Eyes

Your Easter Bunny’s eyes are the windows to its fluffy little soul. When drawing the eyes, think of them as tiny, chocolate-filled eggs that have seen it all – from the Great Easter Egg Hunt of ’84 to that time your uncle tried to juggle raw eggs and ended up wearing them instead. Give your bunny eyes that sparkle with mischief, and watch as your drawing comes to life.

7. The Bunny Stance: Cute or Commanding?

When it comes to drawing the perfect Easter Bunny, posture is everything. Will your bunny be standing tall and proud, like a general leading its troops into battle? Or will it be hunched over, hiding eggs with the stealth of a ninja? Perhaps it’ll be lounging casually, like a bunny enjoying a well-deserved break after a long day of egg distribution. Play around with different stances, and watch as your bunny’s personality unfolds before your eyes.

8. Hopping Mad: Drawing the Bunny in Motion

A bunny that isn’t hopping is like a stand-up comedian without a punchline – something’s missing! To draw your Easter Bunny in motion, think of its legs as powerful springs that can propel it across the page, leaving a trail of laughter and hidden eggs in its wake. Capture the energy and excitement of the hop, and your bunny will be practically leaping off the page.

9. Mastering the Bunny Smile

A bunny without a smile is like a carrot without its greens – incomplete! When drawing your Easter Bunny, remember to give it a cheeky grin that says, “I know where all the eggs are hidden, but I’m not telling.” Let your pen create a mischievous curve that will leave everyone wondering what the bunny’s been up to. After all, a well-drawn bunny smile can be more contagious than a case of the giggles.

How To Video N3

10. Draw Your Bunny’s Next Great Adventure

Easter Bunnies are known for their egg-hiding escapades, but who’s to say they can’t embark on other adventures as well? Imagine your bunny scaling the Great Wall of Chocolate, or surfing the waves on a giant Peep. The sky’s the limit! By drawing your bunny in various amusing scenarios, you’ll not only have a laugh, but you’ll create a series of unforgettable Easter masterpieces.

11. Dress Your Bunny to Impress

Give your Easter Bunny some pizzazz by dressing it up in stylish, yet hilarious outfits. Whether it’s a tuxedo and top hat, a superhero cape, or even a hula skirt, accessorizing your bunny will add an extra layer of hilarity to your drawing. Remember, your bunny is a trendsetter, so don’t be afraid to let its fashion sense shine!

12. Props to Make Your Bunny Pop

No bunny drawing is complete without a few carefully chosen props. Whether your bunny is holding a basket of colorful eggs, an oversized paintbrush, or even a rubber chicken, the right prop can turn your drawing from ordinary to extraordinary. Choose props that complement your bunny’s personality and make a statement, and watch as your drawing becomes the talk of the town.



Bunnies Galore: Create a Fluffle of Fun

Why stop at just one Easter Bunny? Draw a whole fluffle of bunnies, each with its own unique personality and style. Imagine a bunny chorus line, a bunny basketball team, or even a bunny rock band – the possibilities are endless! Creating a diverse group of bunnies will not only make your drawing more dynamic and entertaining, but it will also showcase your artistic prowess and versatility.


Drawing the perfect Easter Bunny can be as challenging as finding an egg in a haystack, but with these five hilarious techniques, you’ll soon be the life of the Easter party. So, grab your unconventional drawing tools, channel your inner bunny, and let the laughter – and the bunnies – flow!

Quick step-by-step guide on how to draw adorable Easter bunny easily

  1. Start by drawing a big circle for the head and a smaller circle for the body.
  2. Add two long, curved lines for the ears, and a smaller circle for the nose.
  3. Draw two circles for the eyes, and add a small triangle for the mouth.
  4. Add some whiskers and a fluffy tail.
  5. Color in your Easter bunny with pastel shades or get creative with patterns and designs.

Download templates & references


3 Funny Easter Facts

1) It’s a German tradition to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny:

Just as American and British children leave milk and cookies out for Santa Claus, it’s a long standing German tradition for children to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny. On the night before Easter Sunday children will leave carrots in a nest in their garden for the Easter Bunny and the next morning the carrots would be eaten and Easter eggs would be left in their place. The idea behind this popular tradition, was that the Easter Bunny would get hungry from hopping from household to household, in order to drop off delicious Easter eggs for young boys and girls.

2) Swedish children dress up like witches to celebrate Easter:

It’s a well loved Swedish myth that on the Thursday before Easter, witches fly over Sweden in order to gather at a mysterious mountain. So on Easter, Swedish children walk from house to house, wishing their neighbors a happy Easter, in exchange for Easter eggs. Just as children in many parts of the world enjoy trick or treating and dressing up as monsters and ghouls for Halloween, to collect candy from their neighbors.

3) Europeans eat more Easter Eggs per capita than any other part of the world:

While Easter Eggs are popular around the world, the five countries who consume the most Easter Eggs per capita are all European. Leading the way is Switzerland, where each year a staggering 19.4 pounds of Easter eggs are eaten per capita. In second place is Germany, where each year Germans consume approximately 17.8 pounds of chocolate eggs per capita. In third place is Ireland, where roughly 17.4 pounds of Easter eggs are purchased and consumed per capita.

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