Find Your Art Style Based on Your Personality

Do you ever sit there and wonder what your art style is?

When we talk about artists, we often relate them to a specific art style. Like, Willem de Kooning was an abstract expressionist artist, and Leonardo da Vinci became famous as a portrait artist.

Everyone has a unique art style. But how do you find your art style as a beginner?

Well, your ideal art style should be a combination of your unique voice, interests, color choices, preferred techniques, and more. It should bind each of your pieces together into a unique and cohesive collection.

So, how do you get started?

Read below to find out your art style based on your personality. After all, your artistic nature stems from your unique personality and attitude towards life.

Spiritual Meditator – Mandala Art

The mandala is a famous spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. The circle in Mandala art symbolizes wholeness, unity, and infinity, which are often associated with spirituality.

Did you know mandalas are used as an art therapy? It’s believed that drawing a mandala can connect you to your inner self. You’ll feel something spiritual going inside you while drawing it.

The best part is you can choose any shapes emanating from the identifiable center point. Also, you can fill it with different colors of your choice based on your sense of self and view of reality.

If you are interested in learning more about Mandala Art check out our bestselling Complete Mandala Creation Toolkit here.

Adventure Seeker – Character Development

It can be the Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Pocahontas, Princess Merida, or any other adventure character of your choice. Just make sure you know your character well – its backstory, personality, and current situation.

If you’re an adventure lover, drawing your favorite brave character feels as exciting as seeing them on screen.

We have created a unique cute character collection that allows you to imagine and draw super adorable characters the easy and fun way!

Nature Lover – Botanical Art

Do you have a unique fascination for plants and flowers? Do you love spending time in nature? Have you got lots of plants in your home? True nature lovers can excel at botanical art.

Initially used by pharmacists and botanists, botanical art has now become an inspiration for artists who love and respect Mother Nature.

Botanical art evokes positive emotional responses and brings you even closer to plant life. Just make sure you know a plant (that you’re going to draw) well before starting to develop a drawing or painting.

Check out our Botanical Line Art Collection if you would like to learn how to draw beautiful flowers easily from scratch.

Fairy – Sensual Symbols

One of the best and bold way to express your thoughts and feelings is by drawing sensual symbols. You can draw provocative poses, exuberant nude figures, or anything you find related.

But to draw something sexy, you have to feel sexy. Otherwise, you’re likely to miss your mark. Draw something interesting, alluring, and engaging! Here are a few elegant and sensual ideas to get you started.

Aesthetes – Abstract Art

While aesthetes enjoy all art forms! But they have an intense liking for abstract art rather than representation art like portraits and landscapes.

Abstraction requires you to see with your mind what your eyes cannot see and understand. Abstract art requires an open mind and a wandering imagination, making it aesthetes’ alley. Abstract art enables artists to extract infinity out of the finite and explore unknown areas in life.

So, if this sounds like you, then abstract art is your ideal style. Just remember that this form of art is all about your wild imaginations.

You might love our Paradise collection that is full of abstraction and vibrant gorgeous colors.

Messenger of Love – Zen Doodling

The word “Zen” encompasses calmness, unity, selflessness, and self-control. And, if you’re always after these things, then Zen doodling is your style.

Zen doodling is a form of drawing that allows you to create intricate designs with small patterns. It’s a great way to relax and experience calmness in a creative manner.

Well, there is no wrong or right way to Zen doodle. Simply let your imagination work, and your mind wander.

Check out our bestselling Zen Doodle Like a PRO collection to get you started!

How do you know you’ve found out your art style? Line up all your pieces together. If it feels like they all come from different artists, it means you haven’t quite figured out your style yet.

Quick Tips to Find your Art Style the Easy Way

Once you’ve found your niche:

  • Get inspiration from other artists in your niche. Think of them as your mentors, and follow their motivation, processes, tools, and so on.
  • Expand your style with more advanced and different techniques
  • Keep practicing and experimenting. Don’t get discouraged.
  • Analyze your work and be open to criticism.
  • Continue or repeat until you find your ideal art style.

As the final note, remember that art style development is not an overnight thing. It takes time. So, keep patience.

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Create & be happy.
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