95 Eccentric Characters to Sketch That’ll Feel Like a Hilarious Hangover Cure

wacky characters to draw

Step into a whimsical world of fashion-forward fauna with our Eccentric Characters to Sketch series. From nifty newts to jaunty jerboas, our lineup showcases animals in outfits that’ll tickle your funny bone and spark your creative flame. 

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wacky characters to draw

8 Quirky Tips to Sketch Eccentric Characters That Will Leave Everyone Awestruck

Drawing eccentric characters can be a whimsical journey into the quirky side of creativity. Here’s a funky guide to help you sketch whimsical characters akin to those from the Full Bloom Club’s article:

1. Whimsical World: Dive into a whimsical world of fashion-forward fauna, letting the charm of nifty newts and jaunty jerboas inspire you​

2. Outfit Imagination: Deck your characters in outfits that tickle the funny bone; think animals in zoot suits or ballerina outfits.

3. Character Quirks: Give them quirks that spark laughter, like a twerking turtle or a flamboyant flamingo.

4. Mood Magnification: Exaggerate emotions for a comedic effect, like a gobsmacked goldfish.

5. Humorous Hangover Cure: Let your sketches be a humorous hangover cure, sketching out playful scenes after a long day.

6. Wildlife Meets Runway: Blend wildlife with runway styles for a unique character design approach.

7. Accessories Amplification: Add eccentric accessories like top hats, earmuffs, or funky glasses to accentuate their personalities.

8. Play with Proportions: Experiment with proportions to add a comic touch, like giving a petite penguin a giant peacoat.

95 Eccentric Characters to Sketch

The delightful drawings are the perfect inspiration for fun art projects and might just be your hilarious hangover cure after a long day. So, grab your sketchbook and let these unique character designs transport you to a realm where wildlife meets the runway! 

Dive in and discover various Eccentric Characters to Sketch

1. Busty Bearded Lady with a Balancing Act



This whimsical character reminds us why we never tried joining the circus. Her voluptuous beard rivals that of any carny, yet she pirouettes gracefully on a tightrope, juggling her responsibilities like bills, a nagging spouse, and a mischievous cat, all while balancing a checkbook on her nose.

2. Svelte Snail Man Sprinting

Ever felt like life’s a race and you’re a bit sluggish? Meet Snail Man, with his slim human body and a cumbersome snail shell, sprinting like there’s no tomorrow. It’s like watching molasses race down a slope, reminding us that no matter how slow we go, we’re still lapping everyone on the couch.

3. Flamboyant Flamingo in a Fedora

This flashy flamingo character embodies that weekend spirit when you’re ready to flamingle, but your legs feel like they’re still stuck on Monday. With a stylish fedora atop, it’s like watching your quirky uncle break it down on the dance floor – odd, endearing, and a total riot!

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4. Luscious Lobster in Leggings 

Visualize a lobster, usually a sea diva, now strutting its stuff in fancy leggings. It’s like watching a crab do the moonwalk – utterly oceanic opulence!

5. Chubby Chihuahua in a Tutu


This pudgy pooch twirling in a tutu brings back memories of every time we thought a diet started tomorrow. It’s a hilariously cute reminder of that one time you tried on your skinny jeans and realized muffin tops are not just a bakery item. It’s one fo the most interesting eccentric characters to sketch, so get out your pencils and sketch away!

6. Twerking Turtle with a Top Hat

Twerking Turtle with a Top

It’s slow-motion hilarity with this dapper turtle who’s got moves like Jagger but the speed of a snail. It’s like watching your grandpa try to twerk at family gatherings – a bit awkward, hilariously endearing, and a memory you won’t want to unsee. 

7. Natty Narwhal in a Necktie

Dive deep, and you might find a narwhal, usually sleek in Arctic chic, sporting a snazzy necktie. It’s as if the unicorn of the sea is ready for a board meeting — utterly unexpected and hilariously dapper eccentric characters to sketch! 

8. Gobsmacked Goldfish in a Goblet


This perpetually surprised goldfish swimming in a goblet of wine is the epitome of that ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have had that last glass’ moment. It’s a giggly reminder of your last girls’ night out when one glass turned into one bottle… per person.

9. Breezy Buffalo in a Blouse

Imagine a robust buffalo roaming the prairies, now flaunting a frilly blouse. Picture a heavyweight boxer wearing ballet slippers — a delightful dance of power and poise. Your fingers are just itching for these eccentric characters to sketch. Go for it!

10. Hipster Hyena on a Hoverboard


This too-cool-for-school hyena is rolling into the weekend like he’s got the world on a string…or at least a hoverboard. It’s like watching your dad trying to be ‘down with the kids’, hilariously out of touch but earnestly adorable.

11 Merry Mantis in a Miniskirt

Picture a praying mantis, so poised and statuesque, twirling about in a swishy miniskirt. It’s like a nun grooving to disco — devoutly delightful and full of surprise!

12. Tipsy Tarantula in Tap Shoes


Our eight-legged friend is tapping into the weekend spirit with a tipple or two, reminding us of that fuzzy line between liquid courage and a dance floor disaster. It’s like that moment you realize your dance moves are not quite as smooth as your drink.

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13. Puckish Puma in Pajamas

Visualizes a puma, the epitome of feline agility, getting ready for bedtime in cuddly pajamas. Think of a ninja preparing for a pillow fight — stealthy, snuggly, and oh-so-sleepy.

14. Bumbling Bunny in a Bikini


This sun-kissed beach bunny is all of us trying to squeeze into last summer’s swimsuit. Her fluffy tail and ears flopping with every attempt to suck in that gut is a hilarious nod to the eternal struggle between body image and that last slice of cake. Let this be the eccentric characters to sketch that bring a dose of laughter. Who said art couldn’t be a remedy for gloomy days?

15. Radiant Reindeer in a Robe

Envision Santa’s favorite reindeer after a long Christmas flight, relaxing in a plush robe. Like a marathon runner slipping into cozy slippers — the perfect blend of duty and downtime.

16. Prickly Porcupine in Pajamas

Prickly Porcupine in Pajamas

This snugly yet spiky character is like that one friend who’s a softie but has a sharp tongue. All bundled up in flannel pajamas with a cup of cocoa, it’s a quirky reminder of those nights when you want to be social but also want everyone to keep a safe distance.

17. Silly Seahorse in a Sweater

 Picture a dainty seahorse navigating the waves, snuggled in a snug sweater. It’s like seeing a fairy trying on an oversized hat — adorably absurd and seaweed-level snug!

18. Jittery Jellyfish Juggling Jell-O


Imagine a jellyfish wobbling in the water, trying to juggle a squishy Jell-O. It’s like watching a cloud trying to hold raindrops! Every bobble and wiggle is a delightful dance of laughter.

19. Droll Dromedary in a Dress

Imagine the sunbaked dromedary trading sand dunes for fashion tunes, swirling in a dotted dress. It’s like a cactus suddenly blossoming with roses — desert dryness drenched in delight!

20. Saucy Squirrel in Stilettos


See a squirrel, wearing the tiniest high heels, sprinting up trees. Oh, the joy of watching nature’s speedy climber in fancy shoes! It’s like a bird trying on sunglasses.

21. Jovial Jellyfish in a Jumper

Envision a jellyfish, glowing and floating but wrapped in a woolly jumper. It’s like your lamp wearing your favorite shirt — illuminatingly silly and ocean-deep cute!

22. Glamorous Gorilla in a Gown

 Glamorous Gorilla in a Gown

A gorilla, shining in a sparkly dress, standing tall and proud. Every shimmer makes the jungle sparkle. It’s like the moon wearing a tiara of stars.

23. Playful Platypus in a Poncho

Visualize our quirky platypus friend, dabbling in streams and now draped in a dashing poncho. Imagine a detective who’s also a clown — a mix of mystery and merry!

 24. Daring Dachshund in a Diaper

Daring Dachshund in a Diaper

A playful little dog wearing a soft diaper, ready for play without any oopsies. It’s like a rosebud wrapped in cotton, all set for the day’s fun.

25. Whimsical Wombat in a Waistcoat

Think of a wombat, burrowing, and bustling, but oh, dressed in a dapper waistcoat. Like a baker suddenly playing the violin — underground quirky meets overground chic!

26. Perplexed Penguin in a Poncho

Perplexed Penguin in a Poncho

 A penguin, wrapped in a bright poncho, tilting its head, puzzled by the changing weather. It’s the joy of watching a snowman decide if it needs sunscreen.

27. Racy Raccoon in Rollerblades

Racy Racoon in Rollerblades

Imagine a raccoon, as speedy as grandma after the last cookie, on rollerblades! Zipping around like a fluffy whirlwind, it looks like a furball having the time of its life under a sparkly moon.

28. Dazzling Donkey in a Dress

Dazzling Donkey in a Dress

Picture a donkey in a dress, dancing as if it’s just discovered music. Swishing and twirling, it’s like a hill wearing daisies, celebrating spring’s first song.

29. Quaint Quokka in a Quilted Vest: 

Envision that selfie-loving quokka, now snug in a quilted vest, ready for winter snaps. Like your grandpa in a cozy cardigan, snapping away — old school meets new cool!

30. Boisterous Buffalo in a Bikini

Boisterous Buffalo in a Bikini

Think of a big buffalo, proudly wearing a bikini, owning every inch. It’s as if the ground decided to dress up and do a jolly jig.

31. Gleeful Gazelle in a Gown

Think of a gazelle, swift and sleek, now gracefully galloping in a glittering gown. It’s the thrill of seeing a sprinter dance ballet — speed meets elegance!

32. Frisky Ferret in a Fedora

Frisky Ferret in a Fedora

See a cheeky ferret with a sassy hat, looking ready for some fun. With a twinkle in its eye, it’s like the wind playfully rustling leaves, planning a prank.

33. Jolly Jerboa in a Jumpsuit

Visualize a desert jerboa, its big eyes popping with glee in a flashy jumpsuit. Like a tiny kangaroo joining a disco — bouncy beats and all!

34. Harmonious Hedgehog in High Heels

Harmonious Hedgehog in High Heels

Envision a hedgehog teetering in high heels, dreaming of the catwalk. With every wobbly step, it’s like a tiny star wanting to be the night’s brightest.

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35. Keen Koala in Knickers

Picture a sleepy koala, ditching tree-hugging for today, all dressed up in cute knickers. It’s like catching a snoozing sunbather reading detective novels — dreamily investigative!

36. Whimsical Walrus in a Wig

Ever seen a walrus channel its inner diva? Throw a dazzling wig on it, and voilà! It’s like your grumpy uncle suddenly becoming the star of a disco night.

37. Nifty Newt in a Necktie

Imagine a wet, wiggly newt, surprisingly sporting a dapper necktie. It’s like seeing your slippery soap wearing a suit — both hilarious and unexpectedly charming!

 38. Twirling Tiger in a Tutu

 Twirling Tiger in a Tutu

Imagine the king of the jungle twirling in a pink tutu. A wild cat in ballet shoes? It’s like watching a sumo wrestler nail the cha-cha.

39. Exuberant Elk in an Ensemble

Think of a majestic elk, towering and proud, suddenly strutting in a trendy ensemble. Picture an opera singer at a rock concert – a harmonious blend of grandeur and groove!

40. Melodious Meerkat in a Mohawk

Melodious Meerkat in a Mohawk

Picture a meerkat belting out rock ballads with a flashy mohawk. It’s as if the desert radio caught a funky signal, and Mr. Meerkat decided to join the band!

41. Jazzy Jellyfish in a Jersey

Envision a serene jellyfish, floating gracefully yet sporting a casual jersey. Imagine a ballerina at a basketball game – gliding through the unexpected with effortless elegance!

42. Frolicsome Fox in a Frocket

Frolicsome Fox in a Frocket

A fox with a pocket? Imagine it saving snacks or tiny treasures. It’s like that kid with candy stashed in every mysterious pocket of their oversized coat.

43. Mirthful Mongoose in a Miniskirt

Visualize a mongoose, always ready to battle snakes, but today, it’s all about that sassy miniskirt. It’s like watching a martial artist break into a salsa — fierce yet fabulously funny!

 44. Sassy Snail in Sunglasses

 Sassy Snail in Sunglasses

A snail rocking shade, oozing style at its own pace. It’s the world’s slowest fashion show on a garden runway. Like your grandma sliding into hip trends – slow but oh-so-stylish!

45 Witty Weasel in a Waistcoat

 Picture this slender weasel, swift and sneaky, buttoned up in a chic waistcoat. Think of a magician performing without a wand – a clever twist on the classic!

46. Jazzy Jaguar in a Jumpsuit: 

Jazzy Jaguar in a Jumpsuit: 

Imagine a jaguar, sleek and cool, sliding into a flashy jumpsuit. It’s like when your strict school principal suddenly breaks into a moonwalk. Surprise with a capital S!

47. Fanciful Fox in a Fedora

Imagine a fox, all cunning and sly, now topping off its look with a snazzy fedora. It’s like the class clown suiting up for picture day – unexpected flair with a side of mischief!

48. Bewildered Beaver in a Bonnet

Bewildered Beaver in a Bonnet: 


Picture a beaver, eyes wide, donning a frilly bonnet. The sight is as amusing as discovering your tough dad secretly loves knitting. Unexpected but heartwarming.

49. Hilarious Hyena in High Heels

Picture our laugh-out-loud hyena, known for its chuckles, now click-clacking in high heels. It’s like a comedian attempting tightrope walking — wobbly, wonky, and bound to get belly laughs!

50. Quirky Quokka in a Quilt

Quirky Quokka in a Quilt: 

Think of that bubbly quokka, always photo-ready, now wrapped up in a cozy quilt. It’s akin to waking up and finding your coffee made with an extra dollop of whipped cream. Pure joy!

51. Jaunty Jaguar in a Jersey

Visualize a sleek jaguar prowling the rainforest, sporting a casual jersey like a top athlete turning up at a casual kickabout — effortlessly cool with a playful prowl.

 52. Blissful Bear in a Bathrobe

 Blissful Bear in a Bathrobe

Envision a big bear, lost in relaxation, draped in a fluffy bathrobe. It feels like that Saturday morning when you’ve nowhere to be, wrapped in the comfort of a fluffy blanket, munching on comfort food.

 53. Zippy Zonkey in a Zip-up Jacket

Envision this hybrid wonder, a zonkey, zipping about in a nifty zip-up. Think of a DJ blending classic tunes with fresh beats — familiar yet refreshingly zany!

54. Rambunctious Rhino in a Romper

Rambunctious Rhino in a Romper

Picture a massive rhino charging around, but wait… in a cute romper? It’s like watching a heavyweight boxer jump rope with childlike glee. The balance of mighty and merry.

55. Jovial Jackrabbit in a Jumpsuit 

Picture this sprightly jackrabbit leaping tall grasses, now doing so in a jazzy jumpsuit. It’s like seeing a ballet dancer at a hopscotch court — graceful antics with a touch of whimsy!

56. Elegant Elephant in an Ensemble

Elegant Elephant in an Ensemble

Ever seen an elephant dress better than you? Meet this majestic mammoth, swanking in style. Like catching your grandma rockin’ those high heels and stealing the show!

57. Elated Emu in an Ensemble

Imagine an emu strutting its stuff, decked out in a dazzling ensemble. It’s like finding out your quiet neighbor is a disco king by night — a feathery festival of fabulous!

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58. Magnificent Moose in a Miniskirt

Magnificent Moose in a Miniskirt

Imagine a tall, sturdy moose in… a miniskirt?! It’s as if the forest’s quarterback decided to rock cheerleader chic. Go team wild!

 59. Droll Dalmatian in a Dress

Envision our spotted pal, trading firefighter sidekick duties for a day as a runway model. Every twirl is a new pattern of joy – spots, dots, and delightful swirls!

60. Lively Lemur in Lingerie

Lively Lemur in Lingerie

Here’s a lemur, twirling in tender lace, moonlight spotlighting its moves. It’s like the quiet kid at school suddenly leading the conga line at prom!

61. Posh Porcupine in a Peacoat

Posh Porcupine in a Peacoat

Picture a prickly pal turning Parisian fashionista. This porcupine’s got that “just walked out of a fashion magazine” vibe. Streets? No, darling, it’s a runway!

62. Vivacious Vixen in a Veil 

Think of a sleek vixen. The mystery deepened with a gossamer veil. A forest whisperer playing peek-a-boo – elegance with a sprinkle of mischief!

63. Kitschy Kangaroo in Knickers

Kitschy Kangaroo in Knickers

See a kangaroo, hopping with old-school cool in retro knickers. It feels like finding out your Aunt Mabel was a disco queen. Groovy, baby!

64. Loony Lynx in Legwarmers

Imagine a fierce lynx with chilly paws now cozy in vibrant legwarmers. Ever seen a cat with socks? Double the giggles, double the charm!

65. Dapper Dingo in a Duster

Dapper Dingo in a Duster

Envision a dingo, decked in a dashing duster, looking like he’s about to attend high tea. It’s as if the desert’s wildest critter suddenly got a fancy invite and said, “Why not?”

 66. Gleeful Gecko in a Gilet

Visualize a gecko, nimble and neat, snugly wrapped in a puffy gilet. It’s a tiny warrior in a marshmallow world – stealth meets snuggle!

67. Zany Zebra in a Zoot Suit

Zany Zebra in a Zoot Suit

Picture a zebra, jazzing it up in a zoot suit. Forget the stripes; this zebra’s got rhythm! It’s like the savannah hosting its own swing dance party.

68. Mischievous Manatee in a Miniskirt

Picture our gentle manatee, gliding gracefully, now twirling in a spunky miniskirt. It’s like watching clouds do the cha-cha – fluffy, fun, and oh-so cheeky!

69. Giggly Gecko in a Girdle

Giggly Gecko in a Girdle


Imagine a gecko, giggling away, squeezed into a girdle. It’s like when you try on grandma’s old clothes and can’t help but chuckle at the mirror.

70. Suave Salamander in a Suit

Think of a salamander, cool and slippery, now transformed into a crisp suit. It’s the sensation of finding out the quiet kid in class is a secret jazz maestro. Sleek moves with smooth style!

71. Flamboyant Flea in a Frock

Flamboyant Flea in a Frock

Think of a flea, tiny yet theatrical, prancing in a posh frock. It’s like the world’s smallest drama queen taking center stage.

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72. Perky Peacock in a Poncho

Imagine a peacock, always proud, now strutting even more flamboyantly in a colorful poncho. It’s like your showy friend suddenly going salsa dancing – every step is a statement!

73. Joyous Jellyfish in a Jumper

Joyous Jellyfish in a Jumper

Envision a jellyfish, floating blissfully in a snug jumper. Imagine the ocean’s chandelier deciding it’s sweater weather below the waves.

74. Resplendent Raccoon in a Robe

Visualize a raccoon, those mischievous eyes now peeking from a lush robe. Like the class clown donning a king’s cape – playfully posh and full of surprises!

75. Whacky Woodpecker in a Waistcoat

Whacky Woodpecker in a Waistcoat

Picture a woodpecker, tapping away in rhythm, but wait! It’s sporting a spiffy waistcoat. Like when your grandpa suddenly decides to breakdance at a family gathering. Classic moves with a modern twist!

76. Playful Panther in Pajamas

Envision a sleek panther trading its prowl for jammies. Think of a cool cat choosing to lounge in fluffy slippers. Mornings just became a jungle of joy!

77. Bouncy Bat in a Bikini

Bouncy Bat in a Bikini


Imagine a bat, usually cloaked in darkness, now showcasing a bikini. It’s like discovering that your librarian vacations as a beach volleyball champ. Surprise spikes!

78. Vibrant Vulture in a Vest 

Picture a vulture, often seen as grim, now beaming in a vibrant vest. It’s like the grumpy neighbor suddenly wearing neon at a BBQ – unexpected and an eye-catching delight!

79. Eccentric Eel in Earmuffs

Eccentric Eel in Earmuffs

Think of an eel, slithering deep under the sea, yet cozily wearing earmuffs. It’s the underwater equivalent of wearing socks with sandals. Makes no sense, yet it is oddly endearing!

 80. Lyrical Llama in Legwarmers 

Envision a llama, typically serene, now dancing in vibrant legwarmers. Imagine a quiet librarian suddenly breaking into a jig. Warm, whimsical, and wonderfully wacky!

81. Peculiar Penguin in a Peacoat 

Peculiar Penguin in a Peacoat 

 Envision a penguin, already dapper by nature, upping its fashion game in a tailored peacoat. Like a child dressing up in their parent’s clothes, there’s a charm in the oversized elegance.

82. Mirthful Meerkat in a Mask

Think of a meerkat standing tall but with a mysterious mask. It’s as if the desert’s top lookout decided today was a masquerade day. Secrets, sands, and surprises!

Dive into this treasure trove of eccentric characters to sketch, where humor, heart, and a hint of the hilarious are guaranteed to lift spirits and inspire creativity.

83. Zesty Zorse in a Zipped-up Jacket

Zesty Zorse in a Zipped-up Jacket

Picture a zorse (zebra-horse hybrid) galloping with flair, its zipped-up jacket flowing. It’s like a rockstar making an entrance at a classical concert. Two worlds, harmoniously hilarious!

84. Dazzling Dodo in a Dress

Visualize a dodo, back with flair, donning a twinkling dress. Ever seen a stone try to sing? This dodo’s the singing sensation we never knew we missed!

85. Radiant Rabbit in a Raincoat 

Radiant Rabbit in a Raincoat 

Picture a fluffy rabbit, hopping merrily, donned in a shiny raincoat. Like your sunniest friend showing up on a rainy day with an extra umbrella, brightening everything up!

86. Jocular Jackal in a Jacket 

 Picture a jackal, usually rugged, now in a stylish jacket. Like a naughty kid wearing his dad’s suit – unexpectedly dashing but with a playful twinkle

87. Snazzy Seahorse in a Suit 

Snazzy Seahorse in a Suit 

Imagine a seahorse, already graceful, now gliding in an elegant suit. It’s like your shy classmate suddenly nailing the lead role in the school play. Underwater ovation!

Keep on scrolling these eccentric characters to sketch and find your daily dose of giggles.

 88. Silly Squid in a Sweater 

Imagine a squid, ink all ready, hilariously fumbling in a knotted sweater. Like when noodles try to be fancy in socks – it’s a squiggly, giggly mess! A moment sure to ink smiles everywhere.

89. Grumpy Gorilla in a Gilet

Grumpy Gorilla in a Gilet

Envision a hulking gorilla, brows furrowed, surprisingly stylish in a gilet. It’s the feeling when the toughest biker in town rescues a kitten. A heart of gold beneath the gruff exterior! Delve into these delightful eccentric characters to sketch, guaranteed to sprinkle your day with laughter.

90. Gracious Grizzly in a Gown 

Think of our big bear friend, usually so raw and roary, swishing around in a ballroom dress. It’s like catching a biker dude in a tutu – wild, but wow!

91. Perky Platypus in a Poncho 

Perky Platypus in a Poncho 

Think of the quirky platypus paddling along, draped in a dandy poncho. Like discovering your favorite mystery author writes hilarious comedy on the side. A delightful double-take!

92. Fancy Ferret in a Feathered Hat: 

 Picture this: a ferret, zippy and zesty, with a hat so grand it could rival the Queen’s. It’s your sneaky cat, but if she had a posh alter ego.

93. Chic Chimpanzee in a Choker

Chic Chimpanzee in a Choker

Picture a chimpanzee, all mischief and mirth, accentuated with a sleek choker. It’s akin to your fun aunt suddenly being the trendsetter at a family reunion. Old tricks, new chic!

94. Breezy Bison in a Blazer 

Envision a bison, usually so rugged, suddenly looking like it’s off to a job interview. Remember the first time you saw a dog in shoes? Big, but business-like!

Explore these eccentric characters to sketch and find a chuckle or a heartwarming tale in each. Their antics might just remind you of those little relatable moments in your own life!

95. Quizzical Quail in a Quilted Vest

Quizzical Quail in a Quilted Vest

Imagine a quail, its tiny eyes wide in wonder, wrapped up like Sunday dinner in its puffy vest. Ever seen a toddler bewildered by jello? That’s the vibe!

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