249 Simple Drawings in Under 5 Minutes that Look Amazing

easy drawing ideas

Have you ever seen someone draw something really cool and super quick and thought, “Wow, I wish I could do that, but I just don’t have much time to learn”? Here’s some great news: you can make awesome simple drawings, too, and it doesn’t have to take forever. In fact, you can do each one in just five minutes or less. We’ve got a list of 249 easy drawings that anyone, even if you’re just starting out, can get the hang of quickly. So go ahead, grab a pencil, and let’s jump right into the drawing!

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simple drawings

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Why Simple Drawings?

Simple drawings are really wonderful for a bunch of reasons. First, they don’t take much time—you can finish them quickly. You don’t need a lot of stuff to get started, just something to draw with and something to draw on, like a pencil and a piece of paper. They’re also a cool way to relax and calm down if stressed. What’s more, you can do a lot with simple drawings.

They can be art by themselves, or you can use them to make cards to give to people. They can make your diary look nice or help you make a more detailed, bigger piece of art. Simple drawings are flexible like that—you can do many different things with them!

The 5-Minute Mastery Mindset

Alright, here’s something to keep in mind before you dive into drawing: simplicity is super clever. You don’t need to stress over every tiny detail to make something look good. The main goal is to capture the core of what you want to draw with just a simple few lines—think of it as a kind of drawing shorthand.

Keep your hand loose and relaxed, let your strokes on the paper be confident and smooth, and allow your creativity to flow freely. Don’t overthink it. With this mindset, you’ll be amazed at how you can create cool, eye-catching drawings in no more than five minutes. This approach is not only fun but also a really effective way to grow your drawing skills.

simple drawings

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Tips and Tricks for Quick and Impressive Drawings

Drawing differs for everyone, but some cool tips can help anybody make their fast simple drawings quicker and cooler. So, if you want to take your quick 5-minute doodles up a notch and make them really stand out, here’s some simple advice on how to do that.

1. Keep Your Tools Simple

  • Use a single, comfortable pencil or pen for most of your work. This eliminates the decision paralysis of choosing between tools.
  • Have an eraser handy, but don’t obsess over mistakes. They can add character to your drawings.

2. Embrace Imperfections

  • Loose lines add dynamism. A line doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.
  • ‘Wobbly’ can equal ‘cute.’ Especially with character sketches, a little asymmetry can add charm.

3. Use Reference Images

  • Having a reference can speed up the drawing process and inspire.
  • Use real objects or images to understand shapes and proportions quickly.

4. Add Contrast with Shading

  • Simple hatching (parallel lines) can create depth and shadows with minimal effort.
  • Try cross-hatching (intersecting lines) for darker areas without needing different pencils.

simple drawings

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5. Create a Focal Point

  • Draw the viewer’s eye to a particular part of your sketch by making it slightly more detailed or darker.
  • Keep the rest simpler to not overwhelm the quick composition.

6. Limit Your Palette

  • If using color, stick to two or three shades for a harmonious and quick finish.
  • Monochrome drawings with one color in varying shades can be striking and less time-consuming.

7. Work on Your Speed

  • Time yourself to get faster. Practice drawing the same object multiple times to improve your speed.
  • Develop shortcuts for commonly drawn items (like symbols for eyes, leaves, etc.).

8. Break Down Complex Objects

  • View complex objects as a collection of simple shapes and tackle one shape at a time.
  • Simplify details into basic lines and forms.

9. Use Guiding Lines

  • Lightly sketching in guiding lines can help you place features correctly and maintain proportion.
  • Erase these lines later if they’re no longer needed.

simple drawings

10. Practice Consistently

  • Daily quick sketches can improve your skill much faster than infrequent longer sessions.
  • Use spare moments to practice — while waiting for coffee, during a break, or on a call.

11. Experiment with Styles

  • Try out different drawing styles; you may find one that resonates with you and is quick to execute.
  • Look at cartoonists, illustrators, and artists for diverse styles.

12. Tell a Story

  • Even the simplest drawing can engage the viewer if it tells a story. 
  • Add elements that suggest a narrative.

13. Add Movement

Suggest motion with swooping lines or action marks (like the lines that follow a bouncing ball).

14. Don’t Overthink It

The more you think, the less you draw. Trust your instincts and let your hand move freely.

15. Have Fun!

Enjoy the process without worrying about the result. Drawing should be a joyful and stress-relieving activity.

simple drawings

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How to Draw: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your 5-Minute simple Sketches

Drawing doesn’t have to be daunting; you can create beautiful pieces quickly with some simple steps. A general guide applies to most of the 249 sketches you might want to tackle. We’ll use a friendly cat as an example.

Step 1: Start with Basic Shapes

Sketch the largest shapes first. For our cat, start with an oval for the body and a circle for the head.

Keep your lines light so you can easily erase or adjust them as needed.

Step 2: Add Structure

Once you have the basic shapes, add lines to define the structure. For the cat, you would add two triangles for the ears on top of the head and four lines for the legs.

Sketch in any major features of your subject. In this case, a tail with a curve to it adds character.

Step 3: Refine the Outline

Go back and refine your initial shapes into the final outline of your subject. Smooth out the circle and oval, so they connect naturally to form the cat’s body.

Adjust proportions as necessary to make the sketch look cohesive.

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Step 4: Add Details

Now, add the smaller details, such as the eyes, nose, and whiskers, to the cat’s face.

For other drawings, this might include windows on a building, leaves on a tree, or facial features on a character.

simple drawings

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Step 5: Emphasize Key Lines

Darken the lines that outline your subject to make it stand out.

Be selective; not every line needs to be bold. You might emphasize the back and tail for the cat but keep the belly line soft.

Step 6: Erase Unnecessary Lines

Carefully erase the initial guiding shapes and any other stray marks that don’t contribute to the final drawing.

This step cleans up your drawing and makes it look sharp.

Step 7: Add Shadows and Highlights

Add simple shading to give your drawing depth. For the cat, the shade under the belly and tail suggests roundness.

You can also leave areas white to represent highlights, giving your drawing more dimension.

Step 8: Review and Adjust

Step back and look at your drawing as a whole. Do you need to make any last adjustments?

Add final touches, such as texture to the fur or a pattern on the collar.

Step 9: Add a Background (Optional)

If you have time, you can sketch a simple background. A line to indicate the floor and a few strokes for grass can place your cat in a setting.

Keep the background simple so it doesn’t overpower your main subject.

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Step 10: Sign Your Work

Once you’re happy with your drawing, sign your name on it. It’s a masterpiece, after all!

Following these steps, you can apply the same process to almost any subject you want to draw, from the natural world to man-made objects, from animals to abstract patterns. The key to quick drawing is not to get bogged down in detail but to capture the essence of your subject in a few well-placed strokes. Enjoy the process, and watch your skills grow with each 5-minute masterpiece!

simple drawings

Incorporating Simplicity into Art

When you’re making art, sometimes less is more. It’s not always about adding lots of stuff to your picture. In fact, a simple drawing can be just as cool as a big, fancy one. It’s kind of like when you whisper instead of shout; it can make people lean in and pay more attention.

Imagine you draw a little bird. You don’t draw all the feathers and every tiny bit, but you get the shape just right, and maybe you give it a bright eye. That simple drawing of a bird can say a lot. It could say, “Hey, I’m free,” or “Look at me, flying high.” That’s the power of keeping it simple.

Now, what if you put that drawing in a really nice frame? Or maybe you find the perfect spot on your wall where the sun hits it just right. Suddenly, your simple bird drawing feels like something more. It’s not just a sketch anymore; it’s art with a capital ‘A.’

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It’s also about where you place things in your drawing. If you draw your little bird in the corner of a big, empty page, it might make someone feel lonely or curious about all that space. Or if you draw it with a tiny nest, it could make someone think about home.

simple drawings

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Easy Ways to Make Your Simple Drawings Look Awesome


Technique Description Description How to Practice
Line Weight Varying the pressure on the drawing tool to create either thick or thin lines. Add dynamics to the drawing, indicating the depth, importance, and direction of light. Draw a shape with lines that gradually change from thick to thin.
Shading Adding darkness to certain parts of a drawing to indicate form and depth. To give a 3D appearance, suggesting volume and how light and shadow play across the subject. Shade a flat shape with a gradient from dark to light.
Color Use hues and saturation to bring life to your drawings. To convey emotions, show texture, or focus the viewer’s attention on a specific area. Add a single color to a monochrome drawing to create impact.
Texture Using patterns and lines to suggest how a surface might feel. To make the drawing more tactile and visually interesting, indicating the material properties of the subject. Draw an object and replicate its texture using lines and patterns.
Composition The arrangement of elements within the artwork, including the subject, background, and empty space. To guide the viewer’s eye and to make the drawing feel more intentional and well thought out. Plan your drawing’s layout with a thumbnail sketch first.

simple drawings

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249 Simple drawings

Nature & Landscapes

  1. Tree
  2. Flower
  3. Sun
  4. Cloud
  5. Mountain
  6. River
  7. Grass
  8. Leaf
  9. Rock
  10. Hill
  11. Beach
  12. Wave
  13. Island
  14. Sunset
  15. Sunrise
  16. Moon
  17. Star
  18. Snowflake
  19. Raindrop
  20. Pine tree
  21. Cactus
  22. Forest
  23. Volcano
  24. Waterfall
  25. Tornado

    Animals & Insects:

  26. Cat
  27. Bird
  28. Fish
  29. Butterfly
  30. Spider
  31. Bee
  32. Ant
  33. Rabbit
  34. Mouse
  35. Horse
  36. Elephant
  37. Monkey
  38. Lion
  39. Tiger
  40. Bear
  41. Giraffe
  42. Whale
  43. Dolphin
  44. Shark
  45. Snail
  46. Turtle
  47. Frog
  48. Duck
  49. Penguin

    Objects & Everyday Items:

  50.  Chair
  51. Table
  52. Book
  53. Pen
  54. Pencil
  55. Key
  56. Bottle
  57. Glass
  58. Clock
  59. Phone
  60. Computer
  61. Car
  62. House
  63. Window
  64. Door
  65. Television
  66. Backpack
  67. Camera
  68. Lamp
  69. Shoe
  70. Hat
  71. Umbrella
  72. Sunglasses
  73. Cup
  74. Fork

    Fruits & Vegetables:

  75. Grape
  76. Orange
  77. Pear
  78. Strawberry
  79. Pineapple
  80. Watermelon
  81. Lemon
  82. Cherry
  83. Peach
  84. Corn
  85. Carrot
  86. Broccoli
  87. Tomato
  88. Potato
  89. Onion
  90. Lettuce
  91. Mushroom
  92. Cucumber

    Characters & People:

  93. Stick figure
  94. Face
  95. Hand
  96. Foot
  97. Body silhouette
  98. Hairstyles
  99. Eyes
  100. Nose
  101. Mouth
  102. Ear
  103. Crown
  104. Superhero
  105. Pirate
  106. Princess
  107. Knight
  108. Wizard
  109. Angel
  110. Dancer
  111. Musician
  112. Athlete

    Fantasy & Mythology:

  113. Dragon
  114. Unicorn
  115. Fairy
  116. Mermaid
  117. Alien
  118. Monster
  119. Robot
  120. Ghost
  121. Witch
  122. Vampire
  123. Zombie
  124. Werewolf
  125. Gnome
  126. Phoenix
  127. Centaur

    Symbols & Abstract:

  128. Heart
  129. Star
  130. Infinity
  131. Peace
  132. Yin and Yang
  133. Smiley face
  134. Arrow
  135. Fire
  136. Lightning bolt
  137. Musical note
  138. Anchor
  139. Skull and crossbones
  140. Spiral
  141. DiamondCircle, Square, Triangle
  142. Seasonal & Holidays:

  143.  Christmas tree
  144. Santa Claus
  145. Reindeer
  146. Snowman
  147. Ornament
  148. Pumpkin
  149. Bat
  150. Witch hat
  151. Turkey
  152. Easter egg
  153. Valentine’s card
  154. Shamrock
  155. Fireworks
  156. Ghost for Halloween
  157. Menorah

    Sports & Recreation:

  158. Soccer ball
  159. Basketball
  160. Baseball bat
  161. Tennis racket
  162. Football
  163. Skates
  164. Bicycle
  165. Helmet
  166. Golf club
  167. Trophy
  168. Fishing rod
  169. Boxing gloves
  170. Skateboard
  171. Surfboard
  172. Canoe


  173. Balloon
  174. Feather
  175. Bow
  176. Keychain
  177. Coin
  178. Flag
  179. Badge
  180. Compass
  181. Envelope
  182. Zipper
  183. Dice
  184. Chess piece
  185. Light bulb
  186. Screw
  187. Knot

    Emojis & Expressions:

  188. Happy face
  189. Sad face
  190. Angry face
  191. Surprised face
  192. Winking face
  193. Laughing face
  194. Crying face
  195. Blushing face
  196. Kissing face
  197. Thinking face


  198. Airplane
  199. Ship
  200. Train
  201. Helicopter
  202. Balloon
  203. Tractor
  204. Motorcycle
  205. Bus
  206. Scooter
  207. Truck

    Musical Instruments:

  208. Guitar
  209. Piano
  210. Violin
  211. Drum
  212. Trumpet
  213. Saxophone
  214. Flute
  215. Harp
  216. Microphone
  217. Maracas

    Buildings & Landmarks:

  218. Cabin
  219. Skyscraper
  220. Windmill
  221. Lighthouse
  222. Castle
  223. Pyramid
  224. Bridge
  225. Tower
  226. Statue of Liberty
  227. Eiffel Tower

    Patterns & Designs:

  228. Stripes
  229. Polka dots
  230. Chevron
  231. Houndstooth
  232. Paisley
  233. Plaid
  234. Gingham
  235. Argyle
  236. Spiral
  237. Zigzag

    Outer Space

  238.  Astronaut
  239. Rocket
  240. Planet
  241. Comet
  242. Space shuttle
  243. Starscape
  244. Meteor
  245. Space station
  246. Satellite
  247. Milkyway
  248. Black hole
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