138 Things to Draw When You Are Feeling Not Inspired

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Let’s dive into the world of 138 ideas and things to draw when you are feeling not inspired, where the humdrum of uninspired moments transforms into a playground of laughter and imagination. In the realm of drawing, inspiration is not a rare butterfly to be chased; it’s a carnival of 138 delightful things to draw, waiting for your artistic touch!

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How to Draw 138 Things to Draw Even Without Inspiration!

The artist’s dilemma: when inspiration disappears, your muse is nowhere to be found. But worry not! Even when the muse is sipping mojitos on a beach far, far away, we are here to help you through the art of painting 138 things to draw.

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Step 1: The Great Blank Canvas

Stare at that empty canvas like it just told you a hilarious joke. Seriously, it’s not going anywhere, so get cozy with it. You’re about to create a masterpiece, and it doesn’t even know it yet.

Step 2: Scribble with Abandon

Channel your inner five-year-old and make some wild scribbles on the canvas. Don’t worry; this isn’t modern art; it’s your creative warm-up. Scribbling is the gateway to genius, and these things to draw are the perfect way to let your inner  magic out.

easy things to draw

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Step 3: Random Word Magic

Think of the quirkiest, most random words you can conjure. Platypus. Tornado. Banana hammock. Write them down. These words will be your creative potions for sketching these 138 things to draw

Step 4: Word Roulette

Spin the word roulette wheel. Pick two or three words from your list, and let them have a rendezvous in your imagination. What happens when a platypus meets a tornado in a banana hammock? Well, that’s for you to draw!

Step 5: Mix and Match 

Combine unrelated words. What happens when you blend “banana” with “spaceship”? A banana-shaped rocket, of course! This is where the magic happens.

Step 6: Play with Perspective

Imagine seeing your creation from different angles or sizes. What if you drew it as if you were an ant, a giant, or from the inside of a kaleidoscope? Perspective can be your artistic playground.

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Step 7: Don’t Overthink It 

Remember, this isn’t the Louvre; it’s your playground. Don’t overthink details or perfection. Embrace imperfections like they’re quirky personality traits.

Step 8: Pop Culture Mashups 

Combine your favorite characters or themes. What if Harry Potter rode a skateboard with Yoda? Let your inner fanboy/fangirl go wild.

Step 9: Share the Giggles

Once your masterpiece is complete, share it with your pals or your cat—anyone with a sense of humor will do. Laughter is the best artistic reward.

Remember, there are no artistic emergencies, just creative detours. So, grab that pencil and paintbrush and let your art shine through 138 things to draw, even when inspiration is on its coffee break. Draw on, you awesome artist, things to draw!

138 Funny Ideas and Things to Draw When Inspiration Fades

Think of these prompts as your artistic espresso shots, creativity catapults, and laughter-infused inkwells. So, grab your pencils, dust off your sketchbooks, and prepare to embark on a journey that will warm your heart and reignite the spark of inspiration. These 138 things to draw are your ticket to a creative adventure like no other, where boredom is banished and laughter is your faithful companion.

1. Whimsical Teapot with Legs

Whimsical Teapot with Legs

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Imagine a teapot with a spontaneous streak! This teapot grew legs and embarked on a wacky world tour. It’s like your coziest blanket decided to go for a jog. Who needs teabags when you can have a teapot on a leggy adventure? Get your pencils ready for a tea-riffic sketch!

2. Mischievous Squirrel in Oversized Sunglasses

   Picture a sassy squirrel strutting in sunglasses, ready to rock the squirrel catwalk. This stylish critter is all fashion and no filberts, swiping acorns with flair. Who knew squirrels had such swagger?

easy things to draw

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3. Cozy Book Nook in a Tree Hollow

   In a secret tree nook, woodland creatures cuddle up with timeless tales. It’s like Mother Nature herself opened a library and invited you for a cozy book cuddle amid whispering leaves.

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4. Cheerful Fireflies Forming Night Sky Constellations

   Fireflies become celestial artists, painting constellations on the night’s canvas. They flicker and groove, creating their starry stories. Who needs a planetarium when you have these tiny disco bugs?

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5. Wise Old Owl Sharing Wisdom with Curious Bunny

 Imagine a wise owl giving a feathered TED Talk to a bunny. It’s like a woodland seminar with feathers and flops. The owl hoots sagely while the bunny nods, soaking up wisdom like a fluffy sponge.

6. Curious Cat in Top Hat and Monocle

   Our curious cat has gone dapper! With a top hat and monocle, it’s a feline fashionista. It’s a sight to behold when whiskers meet refinement. Who said cats can’t be suave?

7. Playful Platypus Dressed as Detective

   There’s a mystery afoot, and our detective is a playful platypus! With a magnifying glass and pipe, it waddles through puzzles like an underwater Sherlock. Dive into the whimsy of this watery case!

8. Friendly Dragon’s Teddy Bear Tea Party

   Picture a dragon hosting a tea party for teddy bears! Giant teacups and plush bears deep in bear-y conversations. It’s a fire-breathing, teddy-hugging soirée like no other.

9. Cozy Cottage Amidst Wildflowers

Nestled in a field of wildflowers, this cottage is straight out of a storybook. It’s where you’d find the snuggest corners and the most enchanting tales. Cozy up and let the wildflowers bloom in your sketch!

10. Playful Kitten Chasing Its Tail

Picture a fluffy kitten in an epic tail-chasing pursuit. It’s like kittens have secret dreams of being the world’s greatest tail acrobats. The cuteness is off the charts, and your drawing can be too!

11. Treehouse Village in a Mystical Forest

Imagine a treehouse hamlet nestled in a mystical forest, where every tree is a whimsical dwelling. Squirrels play landlord, and owls moonlight as night watchmen. It’s a neighborhood where leaves are your welcome mats and fireflies are your porch lights. Grab your crayons, and let’s move into this woodland wonderland!

12. Joyful Parade of Marching Penguins

Visualize penguins parading through the Antarctic snow, each flipper tap-tap-tapping to its own funky beat. It’s a polar party where tuxedos are the dress code, and belly slides are the dance moves. Get your pencil grooving with these waddling wonders!

13. Secret Underwater World with Mermaids and Colorful Fish

easy things to draw

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   Dive into a hidden underwater realm where mermaids twirl among a swirling rainbow of fish. It’s an oceanic circus with shimmering scales, where seaweed plays the harp, and jellyfish light up the stage. Your drawing can be the ticket to this aquatic extravaganza!

14. Magical Door Hidden in the Trunk of an Ancient Tree

Imagine an ancient tree with a gnarled trunk hiding a magical door. It’s like Mother Nature’s secret portal to a whimsical world! What mysteries await on the other side? Grab your art supplies, and let’s unlock the adventure!

15. Garden of Oversized, Vibrant Flowers

 Picture a garden where flowers are giants, their petals sprawling like picnic blankets. Ladybugs cruise the blooms like carnival rides, and bees waltz on petals like ballroom champions. It’s a floral fiesta with your pencils as the guest of honor!

16. Bustling Market in a Fantasy City

 In a fantasy city, a market sells dragon scales and unicorn glitter. It’s your neighborhood farmers’ market but with a sprinkle of dragon spice and pastries with fairy dust frosting. Grab your art utensils, and let’s explore this enchanting marketplace!

17. Mischievous Leprechaun Causing Playful Mischief

   Meet a leprechaun with a mischievous glint in his eye and a pot of gold hidden up his green sleeve. He’s the ultimate prankster, painting rainbows and leaving trails of giggles. Your drawing can capture his playful antics!

18. Serene Meadow with Talking Animals and Flowers

 Stroll into a meadow where animals and flowers chat like old friends. It’s a natural talk show where daisies debate, and squirrels spill the nuts on life. Join the conversation with your artistry!

19. Hidden Cave with Glowing Crystals and Ancient Writings

Discover a cave deep underground adorned with sparkling crystals and ancient scripts. It’s a subterranean library where stones gossip and walls hold secrets. Your drawing can be the flashlight guiding explorers to this underground treasure!

20. Magical Castle in the Clouds

Envision a castle soaring high among the clouds, where turrets are daydreams and towers tell tales. It’s a bedtime story that comes to life, and your pencil is the magic wand to enter this castle of dreams!

These things to draw await your artistic touch, where imagination reigns, and everyday life becomes extraordinary. Grab your drawing tools, and let the adventure begin!

21. Benevolent Butterflies

Butterflies are like nature’s confetti, sprinkling magic at garden parties. Their sun-kissed wings make them the original disco dancers of the insect world. Grab your colors and capture their delicate dance on paper.

22. A Mug of Ambition

 Picture a coffee mug as your trusty ambition sidekick. It’s like a caffeinated cheerleader, boosting your spirit sip by sip. With every brew, it whispers, “You’ve got this!” So, sketch that steaming cup of dreams.

23. A Cheerful Rubber Duck

Meet the rubber duckie, a perpetual bath-time buddy with a permanent grin. It’s like your personal sunshine on a rainy day, bringing smiles with every splash. Let your pencils quack their way to a colorful masterpiece!

24. A Comical Parade of Marching Ants

Imagine ants marching in perfect, hilarious sync, like a tiny comedy army. They’ve got four left feet and the tiniest trombones, bringing laughs as they march on crumbs. Sketch their comical parade and join the insect circus!

25. A Pocket-Sized Universe Inside a Marble

Visualize a universe captured within a marble, stars swirling like marbles in the sky. It’s your cosmic snow globe, a whole cosmos in your pocket. Your drawing is the key to this tiny galaxy.

26. A Whimsical Clock with Emotional Faces

Envision a clock with faces that reflect your emotions. It’s like time knows when to be cheerful, serious, or sleepy. With each tick, it’s like a chat with time itself. Let your pencils capture these animated emotions!

27. A Paper Boat Navigating a River of Spilled Ink

Picture a paper boat boldly sailing on a river of spilled ink. It’s a literary adventure where words become waves, and punctuation marks are buoys. Your drawing can navigate this inky expedition.

28. A Symphony of Musical Vegetables

Imagine veggies turned musicians on a grand garden stage. Carrots play trumpets, and cucumbers become flutes. It’s a veggie symphony, a salad of sounds. Let your art conduct this garden orchestra!

29. A Cozy Campfire

Picture a campfire, the heart of outdoor tales, crackling with warmth and secrets. It’s where marshmallows twinkle like shooting stars, and stories dance in the flames. Your drawing can capture the coziness of this fireside tale.

30. A Curious Giraffe with an Extra-Long Neck

Meet a giraffe with a neck so long it reaches for the stars and tickles the moon. Nature’s very own selfie stick, exploring the heights of curiosity. Grab your pencils and embark on this neck-stretching adventure!

31. A Playful Kangaroo with a Pouch Full of Dreams

Picture a kangaroo leaping through life, carrying a pouch filled with dreams as if it were a treasure trove of stardust and wishes. It’s like a perpetual hopscotch of adventures waiting to unfold. Grab those trusty pencils and bring this bouncy outback hero to life!

32. A Peaceful Village

Imagine a village where time saunters along, and rooftops wear mossy blankets like cozy grandpa slippers. Life’s gentle hum is the lullaby that serenades the soul. Let your art brush tranquility onto the canvas of this idyllic hamlet.

33. A Comical Courtroom

Visualize a courtroom where seriousness and silliness share the witness stand. Judges sport jestful gavels, and lawyers crack jokes in their briefs. Justice is served with a heaping spoonful of humor. Your art can capture the comedic chaos of this legal circus!

34. A Charming Bakery Where Pastries Come to Life

Imagine a bakery where pastries rise like doughy divas, winking with sugary delight. Croissants flirt, and donuts bust out the conga moves. It’s a doughy dance party, and every bite’s a flavorful firework. Sketch this mouthwatering pastry gala!

35. A Bustling Train Station

Visualize a train station where commuters become characters in a bustling novel, each carrying their stories like tickets to the unknown. Trains are time machines, whisking passengers on life’s rollercoaster ride. Your drawing can capture the kinetic tales of this transit hub.

36. A Hot Air Balloon Ride Above a Sea of Clouds

Picture a hot air balloon ride as you float above fluffy clouds, like sailing through a cotton candy daydream with a pinch of adventure. Your drawing can encapsulate the exhilaration of this high-flying escapade!

37. A Curious Robot Exploring a Futuristic City

When you’re searching for things to draw, why not try envisioning a curious robot exploring a futuristic city?

Envision a robot with wide-eyed wonder navigating a futuristic city, like a metal detective in a neon noir. Streets sparkle like pathways to tomorrow, and holograms spin tales of the future. Let your pencils unveil this mesmerizing metropolis!

38. A Friendly Dragon Sharing Stories with a Group of Children

Imagine a dragon with a heart of gold narrating ancient tales to wide-eyed children. It’s like storytime with a fire-breathing librarian who keeps books and bedtime thrilling. Your drawing can capture the enchantment of this scaly storyteller.

39. A Garden of Floating Lanterns Illuminating the Night

  Picture a garden where lanterns float like fireflies, casting a gentle, moonlit glow. It’s a magical sanctuary where wishes take flight on paper wings. Sketch the radiance of this lantern-lit wonderland!

40. A Group of Fairies Casting Spells in a Moonlit Glade

Visualize fairies weaving moonbeams into enchanting spells in a secret glade, a mystical soirée under starry chandeliers. Your drawing can capture the ethereal elegance of this moonlit dance, where wishes shimmer like stardust.

Let your imagination run wild with these wonderful things to draw. Let each stroke of your pencil bring these enchanting realms to life!

41. Rainbow-Colored Waterfall

Imagine a waterfall dressed in the hues of a rainbow, plunging into a clear-as-crystal pool. It’s nature’s watercolor masterpiece, where liquid colors merge with liquid glass. Grab your artistic tools, and let’s dive into this liquid wonderland!

42. Circus Tent Extravaganza

Picture a circus tent, stripes as snazzy as a zebra’s pajamas, hosting a ringmaster and a lively cast of performing animals. It’s a spectacle of splendid chaos under the big top. Your drawing can capture this whirlwind of whimsy!

43. Friendly Aliens Visiting Earth

Envision Earth, welcoming friendly aliens like interstellar houseguests. They come in peace, their spaceship a cosmic Airbnb. It’s like hosting a star-studded playdate. Sketch these celestial visitors and extend an otherworldly welcome to things to draw!

44. Intricate Stained Glass

Visualize a stained glass window, a puzzle of colors piecing together stories in beams of light. It’s like storytelling through a rainbow’s lens. Your art can unveil the intricate beauty of this luminous marvel!

45. Dramatic Stormy Sky

Picture a sky in turmoil, clouds cha-chaing in a tempestuous dance. Lightning’s the maestro, and the rain’s the backup chorus. It’s nature’s rock concert. Sketch this atmospheric drama of the stormy stage!

46. Tree’s Seasonal Makeover

Imagine a tree trying on seasonal outfits, from spring’s leafy greens to winter’s naked branches. It’s like nature’s fashion show. Your drawing can showcase the tree’s four-season wardrobe!

47. Whimsical Library Adventure 

Visualize a library where books jump off shelves to share their tales. It’s like a literary flash mob, and every book’s a dancer. Your art can bring the whimsy of this bookish bonanza to life!

48. Carnival of Colors

Picture a carnival where colors whirl and twirl like hyperactive acrobats. It’s a rainbow rollercoaster that paints joy in the air. Grab your palette and capture this chromatic carousel under your artistic big top!

49. Playful Snow Globe 

Envision a snow globe with miniature scenes of inspiration, a pocket-sized wonderland. It’s like holding dreams in the palm of your hand. Your drawing can crystallize the enchantment of this snow globe escape!

50. Charming Lighthouse 

Imagine a lighthouse with its guiding beam piercing the night like a cosmic flashlight. It’s like a beacon for lost socks in the laundry of life. Your art can capture the steadfast charm of this coastal sentinel!

51. Whimsical Zoo with a Zookeeper

Imagine a zoo where animals steal the spotlight with their hilarious antics, and the zookeeper is their charismatic ringmaster. It’s a comedy show where every creature is a quirky superstar. Grab your drawing gear, and let’s turn this zoo into a laughter-filled menagerie!

52. Mischievous Raccoon Magician

 Picture a raccoon dressed to the nines in a magician’s cape, causing mayhem with its furry tricks. It’s like a forest illusionist who’s also a troublemaker. Your art can conjure this mischievous magic-maker!

53. Playful Octopus Artist

Visualize an octopus underwater, multitasking with eight paintbrushes to craft vibrant oceanic masterpieces. It’s like Picasso of the sea, with a palette of underwater wonders. Your drawing can capture the whimsy of this aquatic artistry!

 Picture a carousel spinning with mythical creatures instead of horses—unicorns, griffins, and dragons take center stage. It’s a whimsical ride into the world of legends and laughter. Grab your colors and sketch this fantastical carnival!

55. Cats in Bowties

Imagine cats dressed in fancy bowties, strutting their stuff as if on a high-fashion runway. It’s a perfectly stylish show. Your drawing can showcase these dapper feline fashionistas ready for a night on the town!

56. Mystical Crystal Ball

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Visualize a crystal ball that holds the universe’s secrets, its shimmering depths revealing cosmic whispers. It’s like having a conversation with the stars. Your art can capture the enchantment of this mystical orb!

57. Moonlit Dreamscape

Picture a dreamscape bathed in moonlight, where nocturnal fantasies come alive. It’s a slumber party for dreams, with a guest list that includes whimsical creatures. Grab your pencils and create this enchanting nocturnal world!

58. Steaming Cup of Soup

Envision a cup of steaming soup, a liquid hug that warms the soul from within. It’s like a cozy embrace on a chilly day. Your drawing can capture the delicious comfort of this savory potion!

59. Open Book Adventure

 Imagine an open book inviting you on an adventure, its pages unfurling like treasure maps to unknown worlds. It’s like a passport to endless escapades. Your art can bring the excitement of this literary journey to life!

60. Tangled Earphones

 Visualize earphones in a comical tangle, a daily battle with sonic spaghetti. It’s like a dance with mischievous earphone gremlins. Your drawing can add humor to this everyday headphone conundrum!

Hold on, guys! Whether it’s a street artist creating a mural on a building or a family gardening together in their backyard, the world is full of fascinating things to draw that can spark your artistic imagination.

61. Panda Pajama Party

 Imagine pajama-clad pandas having a party that’s cuter than kittens at a candy store. They’re the masters of midnight munchies and pillow fight champions. Let your art capture the adorable shenanigans of these panda party animals!

62. Jigsaw Puzzle Meadows

Visualize meadows turned into colossal jigsaw puzzles where each piece is a flowery treasure. It’s like Mother Nature’s grand puzzle challenge. Grab your pencils and piece together this blooming landscape masterpiece!

63. Whisker-Quivering Mice

Picture mice with whiskers sharper than a detective’s instincts. They sniff out secrets and cheese from miles away. Your art can showcase these furball investigators on their twitchy-tailed adventures!

64. Retro Spaceship with Rocket Boosters

 Envision a spaceship with rocket boosters that purr like vintage muscle cars. It’s a journey through the nostalgia galaxy. Your drawing can capture the retro-futuristic vibes of this space cruiser!

65. A Potted Plant with Wings

Imagine a potted plant taking flight with wings like a graceful bird. It’s a botanical ballet in mid-air, where leaves pirouette and petals flutter. Your art can breathe life into this whimsical fusion of flora and flight!

66. A Character from Your Favorite Video Game

 Visualize your beloved video game character leaping from the screen into your sketchbook. It’s like having a pixelated pal in the real world. Let your drawing celebrate the heroic escapades of your gaming legend!

67. A Steampunk-Inspired Machine

 Picture a steampunk machine, gears spinning and steam hissing as it embarks on a Victorian-era adventure. It’s like a time-traveling invention from a world of brass and cogs. Grab your pencils and sketch this fantastical contraption!

68. A Magical Portal to a Whimsical Land

Envision a portal opening to a land where whimsy reigns and imagination knows no bounds. It’s like stepping into a daydream where reality takes a vacation. Your art can teleport viewers to this enchanting realm!

69. A Fantastical Tree with Musical Note Branches

 Imagine a tree with branches that sway to a melodious breeze, each one a musical note in nature’s symphony. It’s a serenade for the senses. Your drawing can bring this arboreal sonata to life!

70. An Airship with Colorful Sails

things to draw

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Visualize an airship with sails painted in every hue of the rainbow. It’s like a skybound carnival, where the clouds become cotton candy. Grab your colors and sketch this whimsical vessel soaring through the heavens!

71. Dreamy Underwater World with Talking Sea Creatures

Dive into an underwater world where fish chat like gossiping neighbors, octopuses tell jokes that make bubbles burst, and wise sea turtles share life’s watery wisdom. It’s an ocean of laughter and tales, ready to swim onto your canvas.

72. Futuristic Cityscape with Floating Buildings

Imagine a future city where skyscrapers float like parade balloons. It’s a metropolis where gravity takes coffee breaks and the skyline dances with levitating wonders. Your art can soar through this futuristic urban dreamscape.

73. Child Blowing Bubbles in a Park

 Envision a child in the park blowing bubbles that shimmer like rainbow dreams. It’s a moment of pure enchantment where laughter and bubbles waltz on the breeze. Your drawing can capture the joy of this playful park adventure!

74. Busy Street Corner with People Passing By

 Picture a bustling street corner, a human mosaic of stories and characters. Each step is a tale, and every passerby a chapter. Freeze this urban theater with your art for everyone to enjoy.

75. Stack of Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Visualize a towering stack of dirty dishes in the sink, a culinary puzzle waiting to be solved. It’s like dish Jenga, and the dishwasher’s mission is to be the superhero who saves the day. Your drawing can make this chore look surprisingly fun!

76. Bustling Farmers’ Market

Picture a farmers’ market in full swing, a carnival of colors and flavors. Vegetables become celebrities, and fruits flaunt their juiciness. Your pencils can savor the vibrancy of this market madness.

77. Person Walking Dog in the Neighborhood

Imagine a person strolling with a dog, where lampposts turn into canine chat rooms. It’s a sidewalk serenade of wagging tails and friendly barks. Celebrate this daily dose of doggone happiness with your drawing!

78. Grocery Store Checkout Line

Picture a grocery store checkout line, a queue where shopping carts and stories collide. It’s like a reality show where impulse buys steal the spotlight. Turn this everyday chore into an amusing checkout comedy with your art!

79. Close-Up of Your Hands Typing on a Keyboard

Envision a close-up of your hands dancing across a keyboard, typing stories and secrets. It’s like a keyboard waltz where words twirl and keys tango. Your drawing can immortalize your digital dexterity!

80. Family Dinner Table Scene

 Visualize a family dinner table where food serves as the glue of togetherness. It’s a culinary council where laughter and love are the main courses. Capture the heartwarming harmony of this family feast with your art!

81. Group of Friends Chatting at a Cafe

Picture a cafe buzzing with friends, coffee cups, and laughter like warm, frothy bubbles. It’s a caffeine-fueled chat-fest, where conversations blend like a well-brewed cappuccino. Your drawing can capture the delightful, steamy symphony of friendship.

82. Rainy Day with People Using Umbrellas

Envision a rainy day where people wield umbrellas like knights defending against sneaky raindrops. It’s a sidewalk showdown, and each umbrella is a trusty shield. Your art can turn this weather battle into an epic umbrella joust!

83. Pair of Well-Worn Sneakers or Shoes 

Imagine a pair of sneakers with so many tales to tell; they practically have their own autobiography. These shoes have been through life’s marathon, and your drawing can celebrate their well-worn charm.

84. Street Musician Performing for Passersby

Visualize a street musician turning a sidewalk into a stage, serenading passersby with melodies as sweet as freshly baked cookies. It’s a curbside concert where the tip jar collects applause. Your art can join this musical parade!

85. Moment of Quiet Reflection in a Library

Picture a library, a sanctuary where silence and stories coexist. It’s a place where whispers echo like secrets, and books whisper tales of worlds unexplored. Your drawing can illustrate this tranquil literary haven.

86. Sunset Over a Suburban Neighborhood

 Envision a suburban neighborhood basking in the warm embrace of a setting sun. Houses become silhouettes, and streets turn into golden rivers. Your pencils can paint the suburban magic of this twilight symphony.

87. Bike Ride Through the City

 Imagine a bike ride through a bustling city, where pedals become time machines and the wind carries the scent of adventure. It’s a two-wheeled journey through urban jungles. Your drawing can capture the thrill of this cityscape safari.

88. People Waiting at a Bus Stop

Visualize people waiting at a bus stop, where seconds feel like minutes, and the bus is the magical chariot to their destinations. It’s a roadside rendezvous, and your art can give life to these patient commuters.

89. Neighborhood BBQ or Picnic

 Picture a neighborhood BBQ or picnic, where the grill sizzles like a summer symphony, and laughter flavors every bite. It’s a culinary carnival where hotdogs do the limbo, and burgers dance on the grill. Your drawing can savor the joy of this community cookout.

90. Child’s Birthday Party

Envision a child’s birthday party, where cake crumbs become confetti, and laughter is the main attraction. It’s a carnival of wishes and sugary dreams. Your art can join the festive fun of this youthful celebration!

91. Crowded Elevator

 Imagine squeezing into an elevator, feeling cozier than a sardine in a can. It’s a vertical tango where everyone’s dancing without music. Your drawing can capture the awkward closeness and those unspoken elevator etiquettes.

92. Person Enjoying a Slice of Pizza

 Picture someone indulging in a slice of pizza, cheese strings stretching like a cheesy romance. It’s a triangular love story where each bite is a saucy confession. Your art can make pizza lovers everywhere crave a cheesy rendezvous!

93. Group of Coworkers in a Meeting

Visualize coworkers in a meeting, where boredom battles brilliance. It’s a conference room circus, and coffee is the true MVP. Your drawing can turn office politics into a comedy show with suits and ties!

94. Colorful Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase

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Envision a vase bursting with flowers, like a rainbow trying to escape. Each petal sings a different note in this floral symphony. Your art can bring the scent and colors of this blooming celebration to life!

95. Barista Crafting Latte Art

Imagine a barista creating latte art, turning coffee into a canvas for caffeine enthusiasts. It’s like a coffee ballet where froth becomes a masterpiece. Your drawing can celebrate the caffeinated wizardry behind each latte’s foamy smile.

96. Child Flying a Kite in the Park

Child Flying a Kite in the Park

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Visualize a child’s kite soaring high, an aerial acrobat in a sky circus. It’s a dance with the wind, where gravity cheers from below. Your art can capture the joy and freedom of this wind-powered adventure!

97. Food Truck Festival with Colorful Stalls

Picture a food truck festival where stalls burst with flavors as vibrant as a fireworks show. It’s a culinary carnival with food trucks as the thrill rides. Your pencils can take a bite out of this street food fiesta!

98. Bustling Hair Salon with Various Clients

Envision a hair salon as a makeover arena where hairdryers are the orchestra and scissors are the magic wands. It’s a beauty battlefield where locks surrender to creativity. Your drawing can style its way into the heart of this makeover madness!

99. People Practicing Yoga in a Serene Park

 Imagine yoga in a park, where mats are like magic carpets for inner peace. It’s a tranquil orchestra of stretching and soul-searching. Your art can find its zen in this peaceful park performance!

100. Street Vendor Selling Hot Pretzels

Visualize a street vendor’s pretzel cart, dough twisting into knots of delicious temptation. It’s like a pretzel ballet in the bustling city, where each bite is a twist of joy. Your drawing can capture the aroma and allure of this street food sensation!

101. A musician playing guitar in a subway tunnel

Picture a subway tunnel turning into a guitar stage. It’s a secret jam session where echoes dance with the city’s beat. Your drawing can groove to this underground magic!

102. A chef cooking in a restaurant kitchen

Imagine a chef in the kitchen, turning pots and pans into musical instruments. It’s a tasty symphony where spices waltz and flavors tango. Your art can savor this aromatic adventure!

103. A quiet moment of meditation

Visualize a moment of meditation where thoughts float like leaves on a calm pond. It’s a mental spa day with inner zen as the star. Your drawing can bring tranquility to life!

104. A street artist creating chalk art on a sidewalk

 Picture a street artist creating sidewalk magic with chalk. It’s a colorful carnival where imagination knows no bounds. Your art can capture this outdoor masterpiece!

105. A bustling food court in a shopping mall 

Imagine a food court as a foodie’s playground. Aromas become mall music and taste buds ride flavor roller coasters. Your pencils can savor this mall feast!

106. A parent helping their child learn to ride a bike

 Envision a parent teaching their child to ride a bike—a two-wheeled trust fall. It’s a rite of passage where scraped knees lead to freedom. Your drawing can pedal into this heartwarming scene!

107. A crowded beach with sunbathers and surfers 

Imagine a crowded beach with sunbathers and surfers—a sandy symphony. Waves provide the rhythm to this seaside dance. Your art can capture the vibrant energy of the coast!

108. A group of friends having a picnic by the lake

Visualize friends picnicking by the lake, laughter reflected on the water’s surface. It’s a soul feast with sandwiches and stories. Your drawing can preserve this lakeside warmth!

109. People waiting for a movie premiere

Picture people in line for a movie premiere—excitement as the opening act. It’s a red carpet-rendezvous with cinematic dreams. Your art can frame the anticipation of stardom!

110. A cityscape at night with illuminated buildings

Imagine a cityscape at night, buildings sparkling like urban constellations. It’s a nocturnal symphony with the city’s heartbeat as the melody. Your drawing can capture the electric beauty of the metropolis after dark!

111. Festival Street Fiesta

Imagine a street alive with a local festival, a parade of colors and characters. It’s a carnival of community, where laughter and confetti share the road. Your art can join this lively street dance!

112. Skatepark Stunt Spectacular

Picture a skateboarder at a skatepark, turning tricks and defying gravity. It’s like a gravity-defying ballet, where boards become magic carpets. Your drawing can capture the airborne enchantment of this skatepark show!

113. Snowman Family Frolic

Visualize a family building a snowman in winter, sculpting frosty smiles and carrot noses. It’s like a chilly comedy routine with snowballs as props. Your art can freeze this heartwarming winter moment!

114. Mountain Hiking Adventure

Imagine friends hiking in the mountains, conquering trails like explorers on a quest. It’s a trek to the clouds, where peaks are the prize. Your drawing can scale the heights of this mountainous odyssey!

115. Cozy cabin Retreat

Envision a cozy cabin in the woods, a fireside haven from the cold. It’s like a warm hug from Mother Nature. Your art can snuggle up to the hearth of this woodsy refuge!

116. Dog park with playful pups

Picture a lively dog park with playful pups, a furry fiesta of tails and barks. It’s like a canine carnival where fetch is the main attraction. Your pencils can join this fantastic party!

117. Exotic Street Food Adventure

Exotic Street Food Adventure

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Imagine a street food vendor serving exotic dishes, turning sidewalks into a global tasting menu. It’s a culinary world tour where flavors are the passports. Your drawing can savor the street food sensation!

118. Park Bookworm Retreat

Visualize a person reading a book under a tree in the park, where pages become magic carpets to other worlds. It’s a literary picnic with stories as the sandwiches. Your art can bask in the shade of this bookish escape!

119. Art Studio Creation Chaos

Imagine a bustling art studio where artists conjure masterpieces from chaos. It’s like a creative cauldron where brushes are wands. Your drawing can dive into the artistic whirlwind of this studio scene!

120. Cafe People-Watching Oasis

Picture a café moment of people-watching, where coffee is a front-row ticket to everyday dramas. It’s a café theater where characters sip lattes. Your art can be the playwright of this coffeehouse spectacle!

121. Gym Jam Session

 Imagine a gym buzzing with people working out, a symphony of sweat and determination. It’s a fitness fiesta where treadmills are dance floors. Your drawing can pump up the energy of this exercise extravaganza!

122. Tranquil River Casting

Picture a fisherman casting a line in a tranquil river, where ripples become whispers in a watery conversation. It’s a patient pas de deux with nature’s secrets. Your art can hook the serenity of this riverside ballet!

123. Playground Adventure Quest

Visualizes kids playing in a playground, where swings become rocket ships, and slides are portals to magic worlds. It’s an imagination safari where laughter is the compass. Your pencils can join this playground safari!

124. Intersection Hustle-Bustle

 Imagine a busy intersection where cars and pedestrians choreograph a ballet of urban chaos. It’s a street-side circus where horns are the trumpets. Your drawing can capture the jazzy rhythm of this traffic tango!

125. Rooftop Starry Tango

Envision a couple dancing under the stars at a rooftop party, where the night sky is their ballroom. It’s like a celestial waltz where constellations are dance partners. Your art can twirl in the romance of this rooftop soirée!

126. Swim School Splashdown

Picture a parent teaching their child to swim at a pool, where splashes become applause. It’s a water ballet where floaties are training wheels. Your drawing can dive into the laughter of this swimming saga!

127. Community Event Volunteering

 Imagine a group of friends volunteering at a community event where teamwork is the secret sauce. It’s a festival of friendship where kindness is the currency. Your pencils can join this heartwarming volunteer-vaganza!

128. Martial Arts Marvel

Imagine a person practicing martial arts in a dojo, a dance of discipline and grace. It’s like a battle with invisible foes, and fists are poetry. Your art can kick its way into the heart of this martial arts masterpiece!

Imagine a crowded art gallery with diverse artwork on display, a kaleidoscope of colors and stories. It’s like a symphony of perspectives where brushes are violins. Your drawing can curate the beauty of this gallery gala!

130. Pond Skating Ballet

Picture people ice skating on a pond, gliding in a winter ballet where ice is their stage. It’s like a frosty waltz where snowflakes are confetti. Your art can twirl in the frosty magic of this ice-skating extravaganza!

131. Mural Magic on Main Street

 Picture a street artist creating a mural on a building, turning walls into windows to an imagination. It’s a splashy dance of colors where graffiti becomes art. Your drawing can graffiti the walls of creativity!

132. Backyard Green Team

Visualize a family gardening together in their backyard, a blooming ballet of plants and laughter. It’s like a secret garden where veggies are a treasure. Your pencils can harvest the joy of this backyard bonanza!

133. Park Concert Symphony

 Imagine people enjoying a music concert in a park, where melodies become wings. It’s like a picnic for the soul where tunes are the main course. Your art can orchestrate the harmony of this outdoor opera!

134. Indoor Game Night Fiesta

Picture a group of friends having a game night indoors, where board games become battlegrounds. It’s like a strategy showdown where dice are destiny. Your drawing can roll the fun dice of this game night gala!

135. Library Bookworm Quest

Envision a student studying diligently in a library, a study safari where books are the treasure map. It’s like a mental marathon where knowledge is the finish line. Your art can book a seat in this literary adventure!

136. Rush Hour Bustle Battle

Imagine a crowded bus stop during rush hour, where commuters become a daily dance. It’s like a human jigsaw puzzle where buses are the missing pieces. Your drawing can capture the symphony of this daily commute!

137. Street Performer Parade

Visualize a bustling city square with street performers, where the streets are a stage. It’s like a carnival of talents where hats are the applause. Your pencils can join the fun of this street artist fiesta!

138. Gourmet Chef’s Canvas

Picture a chef preparing a gourmet meal at a restaurant, turning ingredients into a masterpiece. It’s like a culinary ballet where flavors are pirouettes. Your art can savor the flavors of this gourmet gala!


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In the grand tapestry of creativity, there are moments when the threads of inspiration seem to tangle or fray. But fear not, for in those moments, you possess the power to weave wonders from the mundane. The journey through 138 Things to Draw When You Are Feeling Not Inspired has been a playful exploration of things to draw and imagination, a reminder that creativity knows no bounds. 

From pandas in pajamas to bustling city squares, we’ve ventured into a world where even the simplest subjects can become extraordinary with the stroke of a pencil or the splash of a brush. We’ve uncovered the magic in everyday scenes and discovered that art is not merely a reflection of inspiration; it is a catalyst for it.

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Unlock incredible FREE creative resources &
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