14 funny Animals drawing to Kickstart Your Creative Flair!

If you’re not having fun with fashion, you’re doing it wrong! Let’s try some funny animals drawing. When life chucks oranges at you, don’t just make juice—swirl it into a sangria, pop on some funny animal drawing, and strut your stuff! 

Picture yourself as a jungle queen in a leopard print dress or a sly fox in a fur-trimmed coat. The possibilities are endless for your creative flair! So, let’s dive headfirst into a world of Playful creature sketches that are so wild it will make you roar with Laughable animal renderings.

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How to Draw Your Favorite Funny Animals Drawing: Tips and Tricks

funny animals

For those of you who are inspired by these fashion-forward animals and want to bring them to life on paper! Here’s a basic step-by-step guide to help you draw and design your funny animals drawing:

1. Choose Your Icon

Select your favorite animal first. Is it the groovy goose? The chic chameleon? Or perhaps the avant-garde anteater? The choice is yours!

2. Basic Shapes First

Begin by sketching the basic shape of the animal. This usually involves circles for the head, ovals for the body, and lines to indicate limbs. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect; this is just a guideline!

3. Outlining

Once you’re happy with the basic shape, add finer details like eyes, nose, mouth, and any distinctive features. For example, the snazzy beak of the dapper duck or the long tongue of the avant-garde anteater.

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4. Fashion Elements

Now comes the fun part! Add the fashion details based on the descriptions provided. Does your animal wear sunglasses? A top hat? A bomber jacket? Be creative!

5. Fine-Tuning:

Refine your funny animals drawing. Smooth out any rough edges and enhance details. This is where your funny animals drawing truly comes to life.

6. Coloring:

Grab those colored pencils or watercolors and start coloring! Whether it’s the neon pink of the funky flamingo or the soft fur of the fashion-forward fox, make sure to use vibrant colors that match the animal’s personality.

7. Accessories and Background:

Add the final touches with stylish accessories—perhaps a snazzy necklace or a chic purse. Don’t forget to draw a fitting background! If it’s the retro raccoon, maybe doodle a disco ball or vinyl records around.

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Tips for Playful Creature Sketches:

Here are some important tips for drawing funny animals drawing.

  • Always start with a light hand; correcting mistakes made with lighter strokes is easier.
  • If drawing isn’t your strong suit, try tracing the basic shape from a picture of the animal first.
  • Use references! Pictures of both the animal and fashion elements can help you visualize and draw better.
  • Experiment with different materials—charcoal, pastels, or even digital art.
  • Fashion is all about creativity and self-expression. So, let your imagination run wild, and remember: there’s no right or wrong when it comes to art. Enjoy the process, and let these animal fashion icons inspire you to create something uniquely yours!

14 Wildly funny animals drawing

Mother Nature is a funny lady, and she sure has a sense of humor when it comes to creating animals. Here is a list of 14 wildly Humorous animal sketches that will make you laugh out loud.

These animals are so unique and bizarre that they will make you smile. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this 14 wildly laughable animal icons list. You won’t be disappointed!

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1. The Crocodile Couturier

n43 fashion female crocodile

Buckle up for a safari through the fashion wilderness with our dazzling croc queen! She’s got a style sharper than her jaws and a wardrobe to die for. This swampy sovereign struts her stuff with elegance and vivacity, enough to make runway models consider early retirement. Her closet is a treasure chest of fashion delight, from designer handbags to stiletto heels that could slay a dragon. It’s a masterclass in embracing your inner fashionista with a dash of reptilian charm.

So, fasten your fashion seatbelts, and let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of haute couture. Let your inner crocodile couturier shine as you draw inspiration from this chic reptilian icon. This adventure promises to infuse wit and glamour, where style shares the spotlight with humor, all thanks to this remarkable croc diva.

2. The Boho Badger

n44 bohemian badger

Meet the bohemian badger, your partner in crime for all things chill and carefree. This critter couldn’t care less about fashion rules; it’s all about embracing the wild, untamed, and fabulously quirky. With style as vibrant as your most psychedelic dreams, the boho badger is your fashion spirit animal, reminding you that it’s all about expressing yourself, not ticking boxes. Let’s dive headfirst into the world of fashion and ride the groovy wave with this boho buddy, spreading peace, love, and good vibes wherever you roam.

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3. The Vintage Vulture

n45 vintage vulture

Fear not the name vintage vulture – this stylish scavenger is all about retro charm! With an eye for classic treasures cooler than an ice cream cone in July, this bird knows how to rock the old-school vibe. From elegant old-timey dresses to flashy antique bling, the vintage vulture can transport you back in time while keeping you snazzy and sassy.

Why not sprinkle a bit of old-timey magic into your wardrobe? Let this feathered fashion guru be your tour guide to timeless, snazzy style that’s like a visit to a funky old shop.

The vintage vulture wants you to hug the past like a plush teddy bear, reminding us that old-school stuff still rocks. So, spread your wings and join this birdie for a fashion fiesta through the land of vintage, where every piece tells a story, and looking awesome never goes out of style. Your closet will high-five you for it!

4. The Retro Raccoon

n46 retro raccoon

Get ready for a groovy journey with the retro raccoon, your buddy for time-traveling in style. This clever critter is all about old-school coolness and brings a touch of the past into our modern world.

Expect wide-legged pants, snazzy leather jackets, and funky sunglasses in its wardrobe. The retro raccoon proves that classic style is always in fashion, like a timeless hit that never gets old.

So, let’s dust off that old disco ball and dance the night away because this raccoon knows how to party with style! It’s all about having a blast with a sprinkle of vintage awesomeness.

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5. The Modish Meerkat

n47 modish meerkat

Imagine a meerkat wearing a jacket so stylish it’d make Rihanna envious. Maybe it’s a black bomber jacket with a cinched belt, looking like it’s smuggling secrets into a club. Or it’s a red puffer jacket puffier than a marshmallow. Whatever it is, you can tell this meerkat means business regarding fashion.

Strut your stuff with the modish meerkat, your trusty sidekick for staying ahead in the chic game. This little wonder always knows the latest trends and makes a bold statement with a modern flair. With a wardrobe that’s always on point, the modish meerkat shows us that staying stylish is a breeze. Whether you’re mixing and matching or splashing some color, this furry friend will have you stepping out with confidence and charisma, turning every day into your personal runway. So, walk the walk with this fashionable buddy and watch your style skyrocket!

6. The Chic Chameleon

n48 chic chameleon

Imagine the grand poobah of fashion, our stylish shape-shifter! This reptile maven is like a walking fashion mood ring, switching outfits faster than you can spell f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Whether it’s a fancy gala or a sunny seaside shindig, this chameleon’s got you covered. It’s basically the fashion equivalent of a yoga master, contorting and camouflaging with the grace of a ninja cat. Ready to flaunt your inner chameleon in the wild world of funky animal fashion?

This fashion wizard is like a walking rainbow – one minute, you’re in a tuxedo, and the next, you’re ready for a luau. It’s like having a personal stylist who moonlights as a magician. So, let the chameleons take you on a fashion journey, whether you’re feeling classy or exotic. Get ready to turn heads and let your inner style-shifter lead you through the wild and wacky fashion jungle. Who knew the animal kingdom could be so chic and chameleon-esque?

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7. The Funky Flamingo

n49 funky flamingo

Meet the sassy sensation, the funky flamingo – the party animal with an extra sprinkle of pizzazz! With neon-pink feathers and iconic one-legged dance moves, it’s like the life of the party on stilts. This flamingo knows how to sashay through life with the elegance of a ballerina on roller skates.

Let this vivacious bird be your guiding light for crafting those extraordinary animal-inspired styles that practically shout; I’m absolutely fabulous! Get ready to flamingle with this feathered friend and let your fashion flag fly high, one fabulous step at a time. Because who said fashion can’t be fun and fabulous, just like a flamboyant flamingo at a disco dance-off? Get your groove on and embrace your inner flamenco-fabulousness

8. The Groovy Goose

n50 groovy goose

Imagine a goose that says, Boogie Oogie Oogie instead of honking.

This funky fowl is the king of the dance floor. With feathers that sparkle like glitter and a booty that shakes like a disco diva, this goose is sure to get the party started.

So, lace up your dancing shoes and get ready to groove with the groovy goose!

But beware: once you start grooving with the goose, there’s no turning back. You’ll be hooked on the funky vibes and the feeling of freedom.

So, go ahead and let your inner groove loose! The world is your dance floor.

It’s time to get your groove on with the groovy goose, funkier than a disco ball. It might not wear bell bottoms, but it’s got that ’70s spirit down pat. With feathers that could outshine Saturday Night Fever, this goose spreads love, peace, and groovy vibes wherever it waddles. It’s a reminder that style is all about being true to yourself and dancing to your own rhythm.

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9. The Stylish Snail

n51 stylish snail

Why rush when you can be fabulously slow? Allow us to introduce you to the stylish snail, the master of taking life easy-breezy. This little critter boasts a shell that’s not just a home but a fashion statement, proving that style doesn’t depend on how fast you go. The stylish snail is like the zen guru of the fashion realm, nudging us gently to slow down, appreciate life’s little wonders, and make fashion a journey rather than a race.

The stylish snail teaches us to embrace a leisurely lifestyle in a world that’s always in a hurry. Its motto is simple: why sprint when you can sashay? It’s a living reminder that the journey is as important as the destination.

Imagine leafy runways and mossy photo shoots – the stylish snail effortlessly blends in, setting a new standard for woodland chic. With its one-of-a-kind shell, it turns heads and catches the eyes of fashion-forward creatures, both big and small.

This snail is more than just a trendsetter; it’s a life coach of the animal kingdom. By peering into the snail’s style diary, you can learn the art of savoring each moment and celebrating the uniqueness that makes you. Why conform to the hustle and bustle when you can groove to your own rhythm, inspired by the stylish snail’s wisdom?

10. The Trendy Turtle

n52 trendy turtle

Who says you have to be fast to be fashionable? The trendy turtle is living proof that slow and steady can still win the race, at least in style.

This shelled sage is a marathon runner in the fashion world. With a shell that’s always en vogue and a knack for picking the chicest seaweed, this reptile sets trends that stand the test of time.

The trendy turtle is a reminder that taking time and enjoying the journey to find your style is okay. It’s like the wise grandparent of the fashion world, sharing ageless wisdom.

So, follow the lead of this shell-wearing sage and explore animal-inspired styles that make you as cool as a cucumber – or, should we say, as cool as a turtle. It’s time to celebrate your distinctive style and savor every moment on the catwalk of life. Because, just like our trendy turtle friend, you can be both slow and stylish, setting trends that endure at your own pace. So, let’s take it easy and look good doing it!

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11. The Avant-Garde Anteater

n53 avant-garde anteater

Ready to twist, turn, and flip fashion on its head with the avant-garde anteater by your side?

Get ready to meet the Avant-Garde Anteater, the Picasso of the animal world, who eats ants and style for breakfast! This oddball doesn’t just gobble ants; it slurps fashion trends and innovation like spaghetti. With a nose for cool stuff and a tongue for creativity, this anteater is like your fashion guru for animal outfits that make the rules go; huh?

It wears stripes and polka dots like they’re best buddies, goes full mismatch with socks, and grins like it’s in on a secret joke. Oh, and don’t get us started on the fancy top hat it struts around; even termites gossip about it! This anteater is your partner-in-fun for artful adventures, pushing you to explore animal-inspired styles with a twist that’ll turn you into a style superhero. Are you game to shake fashion upside down and party with the avant-garde anteater as your quirky sidekick? Let’s dive into the jungle of wild style!

12. The Fashion-Forward Fox

n54 fashion-forward fox

Introducing the coolest critter in the whole animal kingdom – the fashion-forward fox! This crafty character isn’t just about looking good and making a statement. Picture fur as velvety as your grandma’s coziest blanket but with a whole lot more attitude. The fashion-forward fox is the maestro of mixing classy with sassy. This forest-dwelling fashion guru is your go-to guide for turning heads in the wilderness, whether with sleek suits or free-spirited boho vibes. It’s like having a personal style coach right there in the great outdoors, spilling the beans on how to shine with flair. Are you ready to unleash your inner fashionista and steal the spotlight with your furry fashion-forward friend by your side?

This fox isn’t your average forest dweller. Nope, this one struts its stuff like a runway model at a woodland fashion show. With fur that’s softer than a cloud and more stylish than a Hollywood celebrity, this foxy friend knows that fashion is more than just what you wear – it’s how you wear it. If it could talk, it would probably say something like, “Hey there, darling, let me show you how to slay in the wild.”

Imagine strolling through the woods and not just blending in with the scenery; you own it. All thanks to your fluffy, fashion-forward fox, who’s got tips and tricks up its furry sleeve to help you shine. 

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13. The Dapper Duck

n55 dapper duck

Get ready to meet the fancy duck, the undeniably stylish superstar of the pond! This bird isn’t just a water wader; it’s a style crusader. Picture a duck with feathers as slick as a sharp suit and a beak that’s more on point than a snazzy bowtie. Whether it’s rocking tuxedos for swanky swim-ins or Hawaiian shirts for lakeside luaus, this duck is like your personal style guru for animal outfits that’ll have you causing a splash in the pond.

Think of it as your very own fashion coach, teaching you to strut your stuff with pizzazz and creativity. So, get ready to waddle to the front of the style parade with the dapper duck as your charming guide. You’ll be the talk of the pond in no time, making waves in the fashion world. It’s time to duck-walk your way to fashion fame!

14. The Sophisticated Squirrel

n56 sophisticated squirrel

Let us introduce you to the posh squirrel, the ultimate tree-dwelling aristocrat! This bushy-tailed noble understands that style goes way beyond just nuts and bolts; it’s about strutting your stuff on the forest’s runway.

This squirrel embodies woodland sophistication, with fur smoother than a finely tailored suit and a tail that could outshine the fanciest top hats. From accessories inspired by acorns to the classiest forest fashion, the sophisticated squirrel is like your fashion-forward buddy, ready to show you how to rule the branches with a dash of creativity.

It’s like having a fashion mentor perched on the treetops, sharing wisdom that will make you shine with style. Are you ready to unleash your inner fashion-forward forest dweller and sashay through the treetops with the sophisticated squirrel as your suave companion?

Get ready to rock the woodland catwalk and become the trendsetter of the forest. With this squirrel by your side, you’ll be the talk of the trees!

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Hop into the funny animals drawing and let your inner fashionista shine! With a cast of characters as diverse and quirky as the animal kingdom itself, there’s inspiration to be found around every corner. From the elegant crocodile couturier to the groovy goose, these funny animals drawing teach us that style is all about expressing ourselves and having fun. So, embrace your wild side and let your fashion flag fly high!

Remember, the best fashion is the fashion that makes you feel good. So, take cues from funny animals drawing and wear what makes you happy. Whether you’re a sleek crocodile, a carefree badger, or a vintage vulture, there’s no right or wrong answer in the world of fashion. So, let your personality shine through and rock your own unique style.

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