How to draw Mandala. Step by step guide

Let us start with the basics. A mandala is an abstract design whose form is circular. This design appears complex, but when you break it down, drawing it becomes easy.

Moon Mandala Meaning & Symbolism

The moon mandala are a very important symbol both within the Buddhist tradition and history, and within the traditional symbology of the Native Indians of North America; while for the Buddhists it is a form commonly represented alongside the Buddha, Native Americans use them along with other symbols to decrypt people’s personalities based on their date of birth.

What You Need to Know About the Incredible Lotus Mandala

Naturally, a lotus mandala is based on the lotus flower itself. This gorgeous little plant has grown to become a precious symbol in many Eastern cultures, due to its uncanny ability to thrive even in the deepest mud. It may take a bit of time, but each flower will reach the sun eventually. Because of this, the lotus has come to represent purity, enlightenment, rebirth and regeneration. The lotus mandala, naturally, symbolizes many of the same ideologies.

The Meaning of Mandala & The History

A mandala is an ancient focus for meditation and serves to concentrate the mind on spiritual matters. Sometimes mandalas are used to aid the process of healing, particularly mental healing. Mandalas are usually circular, and comprise complex colorful patterns that embody a depiction of the universe. In fact, the term ‘mandala’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’. Mandala designs do vary and differ between religions.

13 Fun Facts About Mandalas You Didn’t Know

Although its roots stem from the East, mandala art is growing increasingly more popular in Western culture too. It’s not uncommon to see mandala tattoos, coloring books, drawings and even street art. Read on to uncover 13 incredible facts about mandala….

Free Lotus Mandala Tattoo Design

I absolutely love Lotus Mandalas as they have incredibly powerful meaning & look absolutely wondrous with a touch of exotic! Be it a Lotus Mandala tattoo or a decal on the wall, it will bring illumination and purity in its symbolical meaning.The Lotus is the symbol of…

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