Sun & Moon Collection

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Ornate collection inspired by powerful symbolism of The Sun and The Moon.

The Sun and Moon for thousands of years have long been the center for different beliefs for many people. From being worshiped to being essential in astrology to being symbols of spirituality.

There is a wonderfully rich symbolism when it comes to these two celestial forces:


The Sun is a symbol of firmness, strength and power while the Moon represents calmness, beauty, nurturing.

In Chinese zodiac they are akin to male and female energies. These two forces are different yet in harmony and make the day and night look complete.


The Sun is celestial wonder that like a powerful light bulb shines bright every day while the Moon is the night lamp that soothes and calms us with its gentle luminosity. These two represent positivity because they eliminate darkness in their own ways: Sun is the reason for growth; Moon is a sign of hope during a dark night.

Sense of direction

Our ancestors used to navigate the Sun, Moon and Stars for finding directions and drawing maps. The earliest clock was a sundial and became the basis of modern day clocks.


Many cultures and religions have the Sun and Moon as symbols of rebirth, dreams and creativity.

Bring these two powerful symbols into your creative experience to enjoy the magical moments & intricate drawings!

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