The Power of Daily Affirmations & How to Create Them

We have all heard of affirmations and not just any affirmations but positive affirmations.

Affirmations are the positive statements that we speak about ourselves that challenge our negative thoughts.

The negative thoughts like, “I can’t do this work,” “I’ll never get promoted at work,” “I’m terrible at public speaking and will mess up my presentation.” These thoughts put doubt in your mind and your ability to work.

As great as it would be if we could just wake up and automatically feel reaffirmed of our awesomeness, but sometimes that’s not realistic. The demands of daily life, such as work stressors, social obligations and peer pressure from friends and family can get us down from time to time. The whole world is already beating us down, so there’s absolutely no reason why we should pile on and be hard on ourselves as well.

Instead of beating ourselves up, we should take time out of our day to remind ourselves how amazing and badass we are. That’s where the incredible art of self-affirmation comes into play. So what if the world is telling you not to try? You need to take charge of your own destiny and say “screw that! Time to prove everyone wrong!” All it takes is a few kind words to yourself, a conscious effort and the knowledge that you are every bit as amazing and incredible as you claim to be and more.

Positive affirmations are, therefore, daily remainders that you are a kickass woman and you are amazing.

You need to speak these affirmation statements everyday to give your self esteem a boost. In your daily life you get bruised and scared emotionally by people’s words and actions.

When your soul is bruised, your self esteem gets a blow and it reduces. It’s okay to feel down but what’s not okay is remaining down. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your life, take a moment to check your attitude on the situations overwhelming you.

Add to your change in attitude a mixture of badass affirmations to get your groove back.

Practicing self-affirmation is very simple

All you need is choose a phrase that resonates with you and repeat it to yourself every day. Or as we love simply have a mindful drawing session with focusing your mind on your affirmation while you draw.

Creative Affirmation N1 Example

Here are how positive affirmations will keep you on top of your game as a badass woman

1)  Research finds that positive affirmations decrease stress. Stress is a great contributor to deterioration of health among many working women. Stress is part of our day-to-day life. However, too much stress is harmful for your health.

Therefore, when you feel like too much stress is creeping in, it’s time to remind yourself what an amazing woman you are, and you’ll reduce your stress levels.

2)  Self-affirmation will help you in perceiving messages that are “threatening” with less resistance. Positive affirmations remind you of your worth, therefore, when you receive “threatening” messages, you can handle them with an open mind with less resistance.

3)  Positive affirmations change your outlook on life to be more positive. As a strong woman who works extremely hard to set high standards in your business or place of work, a positive outlook on life is crucial. Positive statements create room for an optimistic mindset.

Once you learn to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations, you begin creating more adaptive and hopeful narratives about who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing.

4)  Affirmations keep you motivated. Positive affirmations come in handy when setting your goals. Affirmative statements keep the fire burning for achieving your goals. Repeating these affirmative words give you an extra boost when you’re facing challenges on your journey to making your dreams a reality.

Creative Affirmation N2 Example

Have you ever heard of something called a self-fulfilling prophecy? The basic concept behind this idea is that what we manifest in our minds eventually becomes our reality. For example, if you begin a task thinking that you’re going to fail, then chances are you won’t be able to complete it successfully. On the other side of the coin, taking on a challenge with an optimistic outlook often yields significantly more successful results. As it turns out, success really can be a mindset!

The best part about affirmations is that they’re super easy to use

For their base use, all you have to do is find a statement that resonates with you and repeat it in your mind over and over again until it starts to stick. If you want to bolster their effectiveness, you can incorporate a visualization technique to help bring your affirmation to life. This can be done by writing it down, repeating it out loud in front of a mirror or incorporating it into a piece of artwork. For our purposes, we’ll be discussing how adding an affirmation to your mandala artwork can bolster the effectiveness of the practice.

Positive affirmations give you the power to overcome challenging situations

Therefore, it’s vital you know how to come up with positive affirmations. Affirmative statements focus on specific behaviors, beliefs, and areas that you’re struggling with. To write an affirmative statement that suits your needs, here are a few tips:

✅ Identify the areas in your life that you want to change. Note down the behaviors and areas you want to work on. Do you want to be more productive at work or patient with yourself and colleagues? Identifying what you want to improve will guide you to come up with an affirmative statement. Maybe you want to be more assertive and learn to stand up for yourself. Maybe you’re struggling with staying focused on a project you really want to complete. No matter what the focus is, make sure to keep it in mind and drive every action moving forward in service of this desire.

✅ The affirmation should be credible and achievable. Base your affirmative statement on a realistic assessment of your situation. For example, if you’re unhappy with your current pay, create an affirmation that will build your confidence to ask for a raise.

✅ Goals are more effective when you take the time to define a benchmark for success. Instead of setting subjective goals, like “I want to read more,” reword the desire. In this case “I want to read more,” could technically be achieved by reading one additional sentence each day. Instead, say “I want to read one book each week.”

✅ Remember, it’s a statement that you’re telling yourself. It might feel funny to talk to yourself, if it’s not a habit you’ve already established, but it works. Start each affirmation by saying “I am ____” or “I will ____.” Using second-person “you are ___” redirects the statement to a separate party and, ultimately, reduces its effectiveness.

✅ This is especially effective if you struggle with negative thoughts or low self-esteem. Take those negative thoughts that typically fester in your mind, and turn them upside down. For example, “I’m not nearly talented enough for this,” becomes “I am creative and driven enough to complete this task.”

You need to believe in your affirmation for it to have a positive impact in your life. Therefore, make sure your affirmative statements are realistic.

Here are a few of really amazing affirmations to start the ideas flowing

“I am radiant and illuminating.”

“I am healing into the person I’m meant to be.”

“I am the pilot of my own journey.”

“I bear the strength of a goddess.”

“My uniqueness is a blessing.”

“My past does not define me. What I choose to do with my future is what matters.”

Creative Affirmation N3 Example

Now that you now what positive affirmations are, let us look at how you can incorporate them in your mindful drawing. As a wonder woman, your days are busy. However, during your down-time, you need to unwind and what better way to do this than through a creative drawing session. What is even better is a combination of your positive affirmations with your unique creative designs. This combination results in an affirmation artwork.

Incorporating positive affirmations into your drawings is one way of making your art very personal, powerful and unique. You can write your affirmative statement at the center of your framework. Remember, as in mandala’s designs, the middle is a core point with most energetic influence. This practice can be especially effective when your affirmation reflects a goal you wish to achieve. We discussed previously that when Buddhist monks meditate on mandalas, they imagine their spirits traveling through the layers of the drawing towards the center. Adopt this practice and picture yourself moving forward towards your ultimate goal and overcoming obstacles along the way. You’d be surprised by how powerful the technique can be.

With your positive affirmation in the middle, your coloring experience will be very deep. It becomes elevated since while you are decorating your art, you are focusing solely on your affirmative statement.

The statement keeps playing in your mind over-and-over again and your mind begins believing in it. The effect of seeing your positive affirmation as your color your drawing will be evident in the final product. Your creative affirmation will not be a mere art work but a mindful artwork.

It will be a result of motivation drawn from the affirmative statement in the middle. Once you are done with the coloring, you can place it where you can see it every day for powerful daily inspirations.

Make sure your affirmation is in the present tense. Let your affirmation sound as if what you desire is already happening. This will allow you to believe the affirmation is true at the moment. Read the affirmation out loud while coloring and say it in the present tense.

This creative affirmation will be a daily reminder of what a badass woman you are in the morning. When you come back home after work, you will look at it, remind yourself that you are still amazing while you relax and admire your beautiful desire. An affirmation artwork is the full package as it’s fully you; your design, your colors, and your positive affirmations.

Personal affirmations have proven emotional and psychological benefits when used daily. All it takes is a few words to completely turn your mindset around. Try incorporating these words into your routine for the next 30 days and see how significant of a change they can make.

Go on now and create your affirmations to always remind you of what an astonishingly amazing woman you are.

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