Free Cute Kawaii Character Coloring Printable

I will share one remarkable but usually overlooked feature of many Kawaii characters – BIG EYES! Yes, like babies, these cute characters with big eyes are naturally perceived as cute due to this amazing feature. Now you can make your next doodle a cutie by adding big eyes to it and a mysterious smile! Or a simple smile! Any smile is good 🙂 (unless it is…

Free Cute Kawaii Coloring Printable & Drawing Kawaii Company!

A remarkable fact about “Kawaii” as a word (which means “cute” in Japanese and represents the whole movement in arts and culture) is that it is really widely spread and commonly used. The word not only implies that someone or something is adorable, sweet, endearing and well cute, but also it is used in SO many extraordinary ways… 

🥑Totally Avocadorable! How NOT to Cook Avocado & Baked Eggs…

Did you know, that avocado is actually a fruit…
Also that there’s a secret trick to ripening them up quick…
And that most avocados come from Mexico…

Free Artistic Coloring Page Printable & How to Draw a Cute French Bulldog!

For all french bulldog lovers this unique coloring page will not only be a perfect anti-stress, but can be a cute decor on the wall or the fridge!

Free Kawaii Cute Panda Printable Stickers

For all panda lovers presenting this cute DONUT worry panda to brighten up any day! Along with HOW to video on creating your own panda with a character!

Free Kawaii Cute Vegan Printable Stickers

These super cute and SOOO healthy vegan stickers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and appreciate even more the goodness veggies bring to our lives and the positive effect of going Vegan and being a Vegan!

This is the process of creation them from scratch! In case you fancy drawing your own version or may be elaborating on how cauliflower sticker can look like!

Free Kawaii Cute Junk Food Printable Stickers
Do you sometimes (or oftentimes?!) get that instant craving for something yummy like... a pizza! And then pizza night comes to mind and becomes simply irresistible... a spontaneous plan to follow... Or a cheeky ice cream... or may be a…
How to Draw a Sugar Skull French Bulldog. Work in Progress Video.

This design of an awesome French bulldog, the breed that has a lot of common things with humans, ie they are sensitive to criticism and have some degree of uncomfort when flying (not to mention they can’t swim) is inspired…

What do Colors Mean? Learn About Your Character Based on the Colors You Choose + Mandala Coloring.

Meaning of Color in General There are absolutely no rules to use color when coloring, however it is believed that colors have certain meanings and tell about our character, such as: Yellow symbolizes joy, great enthusiasm, happiness, warmth, wisdom, prosperity…

The Power of Color Therapy🎨 when Coloring

Life is pretty hectic, and it can get really bothersome and stressful at times. No matter how young or old you are there had to have been one or more instances in your life that made you think “I need…

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