10 Awesome DIY Wall Art Ideas + Free Lotus Mandala SVG Download

If you have eclectic tastes and enjoy all things playful bohemian with a twist, then it is going to be a treat! Presenting 10 awesome ideas on how to incorporate this FREE mandala design.

13 Fun Facts About Mandalas You Didn’t Know

Although its roots stem from the East, mandala art is growing increasingly more popular in Western culture too. It’s not uncommon to see mandala tattoos, coloring books, drawings and even street art. Read on to uncover 13 incredible facts about mandala….

3+ Incredible Types of Mandala

There are many types of mandalas, however these 4 are considered the main ones. Their original figures were inspired in man by nature, a spider’s web or a simple drop of rain. They are magical symbols, ancient objects used for meditation and concentration. With them we deepen our nature and creativity…

7 Imaginative Geometric Animal Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Geometric styles whether they are animals, moons or line art on its own are regarded as a sacred design. Created by human desire to comprehend the universe, explain it and “connect the dots so to say!”

🌸5 Original Flower Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Flower tattoo designs are wonderful! Flowers have a long history being celebrated across human history and are a true symbol of natural beauty, colors of life and bloom of nature! The meaning behind flower tattoos vary greatly and can be personal as you wish them to be. In ancient culture flowers were representation of happiness, joy and spiritual enlightenment.

🔥23+ Cool Tattoo Ideas [Latest designs in 2020!] & Designs

If you are looking for some seriously cool tattoo design inspirations for your first or next tattoo then this article will hopefully fill you with ideas and awesome inspirations! Let’s dive straight into it and start with this incredible…

Free Lotus Mandala Tattoo Design

I absolutely love Lotus Mandalas as they have incredibly powerful meaning & look absolutely wondrous with a touch of exotic! Be it a Lotus Mandala tattoo or a decal on the wall, it will bring illumination and purity in its symbolical meaning.The Lotus is the symbol of…

Cute Vegan Keto Cheat Cheet

To get you excited about N1 foods to eat & enjoy on the list…
It is widely marketed as a superfood.
The unique combination of fatty acids in this food may have positive effects on your health, such as boosting fat loss, heart health, and brain function.
You can even use it as a mouthwash to benefit benefits oral hygiene!

Cocktails… are like presents you give to yourself. Collection of 12 Visual HOW TO’s!

Dedicated to all cocktail lovers🍸 who love epic quotes too! Playful representation of what it takes to mix perfectly each of these classics! “No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well made cocktail.” — David Sedaris. And I do believe we all deserve an alcoholiday printable! Hence, you can download the printable pack at the end of the post …

Keto Blackberry Popsicles – never too cold, always cute & sweet!

+ there is SO MUCH goodness in blackberries! Blackberries are very high in antioxidants which are known to protect against inflammation, cancer, neurological diseases and aging. Also 100 grams of blackberries contain only…

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