9 Unbelievable Deer Tattoo Meanings and Ideas

Over time, the meaning of deer tattoo has evolved but respect and love for this animal has always been maintained. Therefore, nowadays one of the most chosen tattoos is that of the deer, since whatever style is made, a deer on the skin will always bring elegance and distinction to whoever wears it. Here are 8 incredible meanings that are associated with the deer.

12 Reasons Kawaii (cute) Things Are Good For You

The power of Kawaii can never be underrated for it has proven over the years to work wonders on our moods and attitudes. Here are 12 reasons why Kawaii things are good for you
1. Kawaii things give a happy feelingThis is because…

How to Draw Complex Lotus Mandala Art

In this video I am going to show you how to create a truly unique lotus mandala from scratch. The amount of details in this case is quite high so hope you find it helpful to see how building up the elements happens real time when creating Mandala Art.

If you are not using iPad Pro to draw mandalas, then a quick creative tip to try is…

10 Awesome DIY Wall Art Ideas + Free Lotus Mandala SVG Download

If you have eclectic tastes and enjoy all things playful bohemian with a twist, then it is going to be a treat! Presenting 10 awesome ideas on how to incorporate this FREE mandala design.

13 Fun Facts About Mandalas You Didn’t Know

Although its roots stem from the East, mandala art is growing increasingly more popular in Western culture too. It’s not uncommon to see mandala tattoos, coloring books, drawings and even street art. Read on to uncover 13 incredible facts about mandala….

3+ Incredible Types of Mandala

There are many types of mandalas, however these 4 are considered the main ones. Their original figures were inspired in man by nature, a spider’s web or a simple drop of rain. They are magical symbols, ancient objects used for meditation and concentration. With them we deepen our nature and creativity…

Free Lotus Mandala Tattoo Design

I absolutely love Lotus Mandalas as they have incredibly powerful meaning & look absolutely wondrous with a touch of exotic! Be it a Lotus Mandala tattoo or a decal on the wall, it will bring illumination and purity in its symbolical meaning.The Lotus is the symbol of…

🍣Just Roll With It! FREE Premium Clipart Sushi Collection for all Sushi-holics & more! + Commercial Use OK

If, as in famous saying, you could eat your body weight in sushi, then this post is more certainly FOR YOU! Presenting the premium sushi lovers clipart collection that you can use for both personal and commercial projects!

🌺Bloom for Yourself! FREE Printables. 10 Inspirational Quotes for Your Wall, Postcards & more!

Featuring 10 most beautiful Blooming quotes that you can print and hang on your wall for daily Feel Good brilliance or give as a gift to someone who needs some wonderful flowery reminder.

🦈How to Draw Cute Shark & Why + FREE Clipart (SVG & PNG) with commercial license

As a symbol, shark is very powerful. It represents inner strength, authority, determination, grace and style.. Empowered by this knowledge let’s create a cute friendly shark and draw it the kawaii way! You can download the FREE svg and png files below and use it for both personal and commercial projects. From cute postcards to cool Tshirts this cute shark is very likely to attract both attention and some serious cute love!

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