What You Need to Know About the Incredible Lotus Mandala

Naturally, a lotus mandala is based on the lotus flower itself. This gorgeous little plant has grown to become a precious symbol in many Eastern cultures, due to its uncanny ability to thrive even in the deepest mud. It may take a bit of time, but each flower will reach the sun eventually. Because of this, the lotus has come to represent purity, enlightenment, rebirth and regeneration. The lotus mandala, naturally, symbolizes many of the same ideologies.

The Meaning of Mandala & The History

A mandala is an ancient focus for meditation and serves to concentrate the mind on spiritual matters. Sometimes mandalas are used to aid the process of healing, particularly mental healing. Mandalas are usually circular, and comprise complex colorful patterns that embody a depiction of the universe. In fact, the term ‘mandala’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’. Mandala designs do vary and differ between religions.

13 Incredible Things You Should Know About Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are very old amulets that are part of the Native American oral tradition. They represent a key element within a shaman tradition that originated thousands of years ago in North America.When it comes to describing exactly what a dream catcher is, the first thing to explain is that it is…

Mandala Tattoo Meaning + 15 FREE Original Mandala Designs

Mandala tattoos have become popular not only for their unique designs but also for the meaning behind them. Mandala is a Sanskrit word referring to a circle. When designed as a tattoo, a mandala consists of symbols and shapes that begin from the center moving outwards in a circular pattern.

11 Owl Tattoo Meanings & 11+ Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Regardless of their style, if in color and in black and white, owls are still one of the most tattooed animals in the world. Therefore, for all those who are thinking about getting an owl tattoo soon and want to have more clarity about its possible meaning, we will give you a brief detailed list of all the meanings that this animal can have.

9 Unbelievable Deer Tattoo Meanings and Ideas

Over time, the meaning of deer tattoo has evolved but respect and love for this animal has always been maintained. Therefore, nowadays one of the most chosen tattoos is that of the deer, since whatever style is made, a deer on the skin will always bring elegance and distinction to whoever wears it. Here are 8 incredible meanings that are associated with the deer.

12 Reasons Kawaii (cute) Things Are Good For You

The power of Kawaii can never be underrated for it has proven over the years to work wonders on our moods and attitudes. Here are 12 reasons why Kawaii things are good for you
1. Kawaii things give a happy feelingThis is because…

How to Draw Complex Lotus Mandala Art

In this video I am going to show you how to create a truly unique lotus mandala from scratch. The amount of details in this case is quite high so hope you find it helpful to see how building up the elements happens real time when creating Mandala Art.

If you are not using iPad Pro to draw mandalas, then a quick creative tip to try is…

5 Amazing Tropical Affirmation Quotes 🍃FREE Printables

Get inspired this summer and bring on The Ultimate Summer to everyday with these ultra positive and super charged 🌺Blooming Affirmation Quotes🌺!

8 Mind-Blowing Tarot Inspired Tattoo Design Ideas

Tarot Tattoo Designs are highly inspirational because they have a unique similarity with tattoos.
As with tattoos, that can be deeply personal and represent different things to different people, in Tarot cards can also be interpreted differently depending on who is reading the card.

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